How to install plugins in WordPress

Plugins are software components which provide additional functionality and controls to your site. to install a plugin you just need to keep the plugin file in “wp-content/plugins” directory. After installing plugins, you can directly activate or deactivate it from Plugins menu of WordPress dashboard.

At the time of writing this article my blog contains these many installed plugins. If you are new, you might find some default available plugins.

You can install plugins in two ways

By uploading the plugin file to “wp-content/plugins” folder of our application through cpanel.

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Place the plugin file in said directory.
  3. Open dashboard. Click Plugins.

Here you will find your uploaded plugin.

By directly downloading the plugin from WordPress Dashboard

  1. Click Plugin in left pane on dashboard.
  2. Click Add New button on the top.
  3. Search the required plugin.
  4. Click Install and Activate.


How to activate/deactivate WordPress plugins

Click Plugins from left pane of WordPress dashboard. You will find Activate and Deactivate buttons for corresponding plugins. You can use them according to your convenience.

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