What is CloudFlare? Features of CloudFlare

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How does CloudFlare works?

Let us understand cloudflare with a simple scenario. Assume that WantExtra is hosted on IP Now when you type wantextra.com and hit enter in your browser, your request goes to DNS and result from is sent back to you. This is how you visit this website.

Now when you setup CloudFlare, you added CloudFlare Name servers to your domain. So now when you request this website IP, your request is processed by CloudFlare. So in short, each request coming to your website is processed by CloudFlare. That request can be from your users, or hackers, or robots, etc. So your website becomes more secure to malicious activities adding a secured user experience to your audience.

I already stated that In 2013, CloudFlare single handedly, protected 60 million brute force attack on WordPress just within 1 hour.



Benefits and Features of Using CloudFlare CDN
 1. Its FREE  

It provides wide range of plans, offering free plans for small personal websites and blogs. You can always go with free plan, unless you have a very big website which needs to handle transactions (like e-commerce sites).


 2. It stops attacks like brute force  

It protects your website from DDOS attack, SQL injection, comment spam, etc. They keep track on your visitors IP and help you filter the type of visitors based on their online activities. You can set levels of IP, who can visit your website with or without entering captcha.


 3. CloudFlare is very Fast  

It’s easy to integrate and it doesn’t change your image URL or show URL such as cdn.domain.com. Cloudflare caches static files (CSS, JS, Images) on their servers across the globe and serves it from the nearest servers.

They have many servers globally at different geopgrphical locations. If you are not sure what CDN is

Using Cloudflare CDN will increase your site performance by almost 50% and also your site will load way faster than it is now.


 4. Saves lots of bandwidth  

The request is processed by CloudFlare now instead of hitting your website server. So there is  no need of increasing bandwidth by changing plan and paying more to your hosting provider, when your website market has increased.


 5. Free SSL  

It offers free SSL and hence you can switch over from http to https, adding more security to your website. Also, websites with https are considered more by Google while ranking on result pages. Your visitors will also have good impression regarding your website.


 6. Content Delivery network  

According to Wikipedia, Cloudflare has the highest number of connections to Internet exchange points when compared to any other network worldwide.

It caches your website content on its multiple servers worldwide and server cached content to your visitors, optimizing your website performance.


 7. Fastest growing network  

6 million websites are already using CloudFlare including Uber and FitBit and approximately 20,000 new customers joins CloudFlare everyday.


The above explained points are enough to give you a hint about how many features you are lacking if you don’t use CloudFlare CDN for your website.

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What is CloudFlare? Features of CloudFlare
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What is CloudFlare? Features of CloudFlare
CloudFlare is most used CDN network and these features makes it unique then others. 1. Free CDN 2. Free SSL 3. Saves Lots of BandWidth 4. Caches website's JS, CSS, images and delivers from its servers. 5. It stops DDoS attacks....
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  1. Dieter says:

    Nice, I am using WordPress and was never sure if it is free or not. Now I know and maybe I move all my wordpress static content to the Cloudfare, this is a good open, should speed up my side.

  2. i tried it but for some reason it just takes my site down for no reason it happend multiple times so i stopped using it

  3. Don Badro says:

    Is cloudfare compatible with godaddy domain?

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