What is CDN – Benefits and Importance with Info-graphics

Recently one of my blogger colleague asked about CDN, who is in blogging field from past 2 years. At first, I started to read many online articles but was confused by their technical definitions.


Those articles explained CDN like I already know those technical stuffs. But somehow I forced myself to understand a little bit and did a practical by hosting my blog on CDN. After this process, I got a clear picture about CDN hosting and its advantages.People who don’t know it, need some example articles which can make them understand. So I have crafted a well polished example below for newbies, to understand each and every bit of CDN.


Stick with me for next 5 minutes and We will try to understand CDN and how it will benefit bloggers or site owners in long run.


“CDN is a short form of Content Delivery Network. It is a network of multiple servers that acts as a main server for your browser.”


Sample example

When user clicks a link to your site, the requested URL will redirect to your hosting service provider. We say that you have hosted your site on GoDaddy.

So users request will go to GoDaddy hosting server and will get response. It is not a very big issue for new or small websites.In the case you start getting high traffic, your server will be unable to handle the requests at high speed and hence the loading speed of your web pages will become low.


The increase in loading time of any site is considered as bad SEO practice by Google and your site will get less preference while ranking in SERP.


So what we should do?

We need a hosting which can handle large number of requests without affecting the loading time of your site. So to achieve this, we can pay more and change our hosting plan having high bandwidth.

Paying more is not possible for everyone and same thing we can do with some Extra knowledge. You know what? That’s why I am here to tell you that there’s always something extra to know.


So, we will use multiple servers to distribute our site load, so that every request is processed smoothly and rapidly. But wait! We don’t have budget of upgrading one server hosting plan. How we will host our site and distribute the load on multiple servers?Here comes the concept of CDN. Now you will understand CDN in much clear way.

CDN is a group of multiple connected servers which host your site and distribute the site load based on user’s geographic location.


How it works?


CDN will contact your server, and ask your site content. Server will give the your site content and CDN will cache that data and distribute that cached content over its other servers across the globe.


  • If User A is browsing your site from America, then the nearest CDN server will be responsible to handle the request.
  • If User B is browsing your site from India, then the nearest CDN server will be responsible to handle B’s request.

Since the origin of response is near to these people, their requests will be processed faster and your
site loading speed will be reduced.

So here comes the technical definition of the CDN.

CDN is a network of multiple servers, that delivers cached content of your site to users based on the geographic location of the user.


The below info graphics will give more understanding on CDN.



So by above infographics you may have understood the working way of CDN and its advantages.


Advantages of CDN-
1. Performance

The content of your site is cached into CDN servers from your hosting server. CDN servers distribute your content among them across the globe. So users can access your site content from CDN server which is near to them instead of requesting every time to your main origin server which may be far from them.

You can score better in Google PageSpeed Insights and increase your site speed irrespective of your site platform.


2. Saver

Since your content is distributed among different servers, your site can handle more amount of traffic than usual. So no need to pay extra to increase bandwidth of your hosting.


3. Reliable

Even if your hosting server is not good in speed, or it is down, or is in maintenance, CDN will provide
cached pages to your users in the form of screen shot of your site. So no compromise with User Experience.


4. Security

CDN can handle distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and can keep any eye on IP’s which visit your site. In case of any suspicious activity, they will opt for CAPTCHA verification from users to prove themselves that they are real humans.

They also provide Hotlink (Inline Linking) protection so that no other sites can use your site bandwidth by stealing images and videos from your site.



What is hot linking and why is it bad?

For example, I like the image on your website and I want that image on my site. If I use your image URL on my site, then the image is downloading from your site every time someone looks at my site.

This means that I am using your site bandwidth for that image.

But, when you enable Hot Link Protection, then I cannot steal your bandwidth anymore and I will get 403 error on my site.


Hope you got full understanding about CDN and why you need it. Please share this article if you find it helpful.

What is CDN - Benefits and Importance with Info-graphics
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What is CDN - Benefits and Importance with Info-graphics
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