9 Tips to Increase AdSense CPC with Proof

CPC, abbreviation of Cost per click in AdSense is a term which represents the amount of money Google AdSense pays when someone clicks an ad from your site. This article is not again one more copy paste like other articles on Internet and hence instead of showing you formula of cost per click calculation, we will discuss the real working CPC tips in AdSense.

If you are new to AdSense, please refer my old post about


This article is relatively big because its not a crap like others and after reading full article, you will definitely come to know many new things in this area. Brace yourself for few minutes if you really want to increase your cost per click.


Ways to Increase AdSense CPC with Proof

When I was new in Google AdSense, I searched about how to get high CPC to earn more. I bumped to multiple guides on Internet which stated some guidelines to follow to increase CPC without any proof. Yep! Maximum bloggers don’t have any proof and if have, they don’t want to share.

When you search on Google about “how to increase CPC in AdSense“, you will find articles which have been altered and just copy pasted from each other. They have written articles just to get traffic from these types of searches. But I am not here to do the same thing. I am here to share my experience with AdSense. At WantExtra, we tell you always something extra. 🙂


WantExtra presents you the full story of increasing CPC with proven and 100% genuine screenshots from my mobile phone, not misleading and 100% accurate. Without wasting any time I would like to share my screenshot. I know many people will not believe this but it’s up to you. If you believe then you are welcome to read my article further as its my own experiment over AdSense and not just another copy paste articles like other blogs.


adsense high cpc image

This image is big to show that it is not photo-shopped and is original from my phone in every aspect.

Assuming that you have already AdSense ads on your blog, so it hints that your website is good in on-page SEO, User experience and is having good and unique content.

So, we will not talk about the same crap repeatedly again and again like other blogs. I am going to share some new things which will help you increase your cost per click (CPC) to great extent. These are the best ways which will suddenly boost up your website CPC.

Many people are struggling and don’t have CPC even $0.50 in AdSense. This is because of no market research and no proper strategies. Don’t bother as the below rules are going to help you for sure.

To be perfect with anything, you need to understand that from its core. So lets dig inside. I know few things will not be new for you but to get all the CPC tips, its recommended to read this article till end.


What is Google AdSense and how it works?

AdSense is a pay per click program. i.e you get paid when any visitor clicks an ad from your website or blog. The money you get on each click is called cost per click (CPC) and it may differ according to different advertisers.


Do you know how the ads are shown?

Google Adwords is a program, where advertisers advertise their products and AdSense displays those ads on publisher websites.

Now the ads which are shown on your website decides your earning. If an ad is being shown on your blog whose advertiser has not paid a huge amount to Google, then its obvious that you will get less paid if someone clicks that ad from your blog. So to make sure we get paid high for each click, we will have to let Google put high CPC ads on our pages.

To enforce that, the main things here is one and only content. Content plays the most important role in maintaining CPC of your account. Google determines many factors before showing one ad on a website like

  • Google scans your page contents for its relevancy.
  • The place of Ad blocks on your site.
  • Page Value (Also called Page Authority of your blog).
  • High CPC keywords, etc.


What is High CPC keyword?

Lets understand this with an example.

  • Lets say John is an advertiser. John wants to sell his black polished chair from his e-commerce website. So he opts for Google Advertising, and chooses chair keyword to show his chair selling ads on the websites where chair related contents exists. So Google will publish his ads to the blogs and websites who are having relevant articles about Furniture and mostly chair. This approach is called targeting audience.
  • But John didn’t made sales as what he had expected. So he changed his Advertising strategy. Now John wanted to deeply target people who actually want to purchase black chair by choosing “black chair keyword. So he customized his ads settings to show his ads on the pages where articles relates to black chair.

In both the above strategies, the keywords chosen by John varied to reach more targeted audience to grow his business.

Now Google will show his ads on some particular websites whose articles are relevant to black chair. Since John is now targeting very specific keywords, this makes sure that his ad is reaching to only interested people and if someone clicks his ad then they are possibly going to become his customer.

But wait. It’s not over.

John enjoyed his advertising because he got only interested customers who potentially became his customers in the same amount what he shelled out. Here comes Google. If John is making more money, then Google also needs to make money. Right?

So now what Google said to John is, if you want to display “chair” related ads we will accept 500$ for 100 ad blocks. But if you go for “black chair” keyword, you will have to pay 1000$ for same 100 ad blocks. Because by doing so John can make more money through his business.

John agrees because just by shelling some more amount, he will get only customers who are really interested in his product. So now his 1 ad clicks will equal 10$ for 1 click but surely one targeted customer for Johns business. Google keeps 32% of the revenue generated through one click so the publisher will get 68% of share of revenue generated. So 1 ad click from the website where this ad was clicked will give 6$ to its site owner(publisher) and his CPC counts to $6.

Means if that blog or website owner optimized their pages and content with “black chair” keyword, then only Google showed the ad where he made $6 just from 1 click.

So in this scenario, “chair” is just a keywords, but “black chair” is High CPC keyword.

I hope you got it.

Now, many other factors depends on how Google pays you more on 1 ad click. The above example was the most basic one to make you aware of the things going in behind in most clear way. If you want to earn more from AdSense, just hold tight and keep reading.


1. High CPC keywords

Write articles about the products which are having very high competition, high exposure in the market and is going to be evergreen. It means that choose keywords which are more profitable. How to do that? Its very simple.

Make one AdWords account and Go to Keyword Planner. Search for the keyword for which you are writing and optimizing your next article. When you search with your keyword, you will get a list of possible relevant keywords which are being used by the Advertisers. Choose the best matching relevant content whose suggested bid is high.

It means Advertisers will pay that much amount if they target that specific keyword while advertising. The higher the bid, the more you get paid if ads are coming on your pages based on that keyword.

For example, I am writing an article on AdSense. When I search “adsense” keyword in Adwords then it displays the particluar result in INR.

Adwords High CPC Keyword

Here when sorted by suggested bid, it shows that “adsense software” keyword is a high CPC keyword. For this keyword, Advertisers are paying more and if I optimize my AdSense article along with this keyword, then I have more chances to get high CPC ads on my upcoming AdSense article.

You can use even other tools like Moz Keyword Explorer, or Semrush Keyword Overview for keyword analysis. But their indexing and CPC updation is not as much fast and up to date as Google Adwords.


2. Restriction of Ad Networks and Ads Types

For a minute assume that you have an article on furniture and you have written it like this. “Beautiful furniture available. Welcome yourself to your new home with new beautiful, elegantly designed black chairs, made to suit your daily needs, and to match your style in the most comfortable way.”


  1. John is carpenter and want to sell Black chair with keyword “black chair”
  2. Aussie is Marketing manager of XYZ Construction Groups and wants to sell new built homes.

When both people comes to Google to show their ads, Google finds out that your blog contains relevant articles for both of their advertisers. To deal with this situation, Google will now perform an auction. Advertiser willing to pay more, will get selected and he will have to pay more money to show ads on your blog. So the ads now showing on your article will generate high CPC and you will get more paid.

Coming out of the example, now open Google and type “how to increase CPC in Adsense“. I can guarantee you that you will find more then 50% of article stating that you should block the ads types and networks which are not relevant to your niche. Now you can judge yourself that which blog articles are good and bad for you.

After reading the above example, you saw that 2 advertisers from different networks and types competed for your ad space which landed the most high bidder ads on your site. If you would have blocked Aussie’s Real Estate related networks and ad types, then you would have got John’s ads on your website paying less for the same ad space. So don’t block any ads unless and until its very necessary.

 If there is no option?  

Now let’s assume, you have a blog having articles related to devotional categories like Gods and their stories, or some mantras and more deep articles in same fields. So you will not want to show Gambling and Adult category related ads on your pages and hence in this types of cases you can block the categories which disturbs visitors of your website.


3. Countries to Target

People in developed countries tends to buy products online 90% of the times when compared to people in developing countries. It is because of living styles and many other cultures barriers which changes people mindset in different Geographical locations.

In developing countries, people will not prefer online products because they are always confused about the product’s touch and feel emotions. Unless they look the product physically or they touch it, they don’t get convinced to buy that product. This is reality as developing countries have low cost of living and hence people only spend money on the items with which they get fully convinced. Just by watching they don’t tend to buy a product.

But this case does not implements in developed countries. People don’t have any time to spend in choosing a perfect product for them physically. They order online and hence the number of online purchase is more in developed countries when compared to developing countries.

So try to write the content on your blog which attracts traffic from developed countries. If any visitors turn out as a customer for the advertiser by clicking their ads on your site, then advertiser will never mind paying $5 to you if they make $100 profit through ads on your site.

Discriminating any country is bad and I don’t do the same things on my blog. Maybe the country developing today will become developed in next decade and hence at that time CPC from those countries will get improved more.

As of now, most developed countries includes

  • US
  • UK
  • Europe
  • Russia, etc.


4. Bounce Rate

No one cares for this factor but it is not useless when it comes to CPC tips. Try to make a juicy and sticky contents in which users got stuck and finds your blog interesting. Its called making virtual relationship with your visitors who get connected to you with your writings skills and hence, tends to spend more time on your blog post, reducing your bounce rate.

Lower bounce rates indicates that the people coming to your sites are valid people and not generating any invalid traffic to your website.

If your bounce rate is high and people click ads from your website then it will send signal to Google that you are asking people to click your ads to earn money (even if your are not doing so) and can lead to disapproval of your AdSense account.

You will find multiple articles on Internet where people will write about their AdSense account disapproved without doing any invalid activity. It’s not like that. Factors even like Bounce rates are also tracked by Google and if they found anything inappropriate then they can permanently suspend your AdSense account.


5. Ads Placement

The ads above the fold will have more impressions and CTR when compared to ads below the fold. But this doesn’t means that you can keep all the ads above the fold. Also try not to spoil your website look just by placing multiple ads.

CPC above the fold


You will see the below image on almost 80% of the blogs stating ways to increase AdSense CPC. Since I am touching every tips of increasing CPC, some visitors will not get satisfied if they don’t see this image below in my article. The most famous section on other similar posts on other blogs is this one.

ad location for cpc

Please read below the reason of making this image blurred.

This is nothing but a huge waste of time and fooling visitors of the blog. These bloggers want to say you that they know more then you know and they have more knowledge then what you have.

Again assume that this is correct for 1 minute. Then ask yourself, if you don’t have content then will user click any ads from that particular page? According to the diagram above, if you place your ads at these places, then you will earn more.

Answer is No. Your page should show ads where the visitors of your pages are likely to concentrate. That is, in and around your main content section. While reading, human brain starts concentrating and that is the time when ads should flash or must be visible to come in visitors eye. This is the way to increase a quality click and CPC of your site.

By summarizing

  1. Keep 1 ad block above the fold – So that even someone just browse your pages, he/she will give ad impressions which helps in decreasing CTR and is good.
  2. Keep one text/display ads in middle of your content– If user is scrolling down through your content, ads in middle of contents will result in more CTR.
  3. Place one ad block, just after completing your article. After reading full article or information on a page, visitors are still in concentrating mood and ads shown after that obviously creates more CTR.
  4. If you get more comments then you can place ads in middle of your comment section.

To place AdSense ads in more customized places read,

In short, place the ads where a human mind concentrates. And then, definitely you will get clicks.


6. Ads Sizes

Ad sizes is also not fixed like other blog says. Ad sizes depends upon design and look of your theme. Placing a skyscraper ad in 10 lines of content gives very bad look and not generate any revenue for you. It only looks irritating. So it depends completely on your theme and look of your pages.

You are free to read and follow other blogs for same topic, but what I want to say is I don’t want to mislead any of my readers. I can also place same image of Ads placement and heat-map on this article, but I already mentioned, that I don’t want to mislead you. Its your call to differentiate between a genuine solid article and a crap article.


7. Text and Image ads

You can place only text ads in middle of your pages as they have more click through rate (CTR). But again restricting the ads to show only Text ads will decrease CPC. Try to use both Text and Image ads on your site.


8. List of Less paying ad networks

I know you will definitely read this portion because everyone want to block less paying networks through AdSense to get more CPC. But slow down. This requires multiple things to understand. When you search on Google about “how to increase income through Google AdSense” you will find “List of ad networks who pay less“.

Now you will block those Ad networks through your AdSense account (because those blogs have written to do so) which is the biggest blunder in the history of blogging.

You will find list of blogs who suggest you to block the ad networks who don’t pay good on ad clicks. But can you ask them that where did they found those lists? They can’t tell your answers because they have also copy pasted that same list from some other blogs.

And for more information, Google doesn’t release these types of list or you cannot track any ad network who gives more CPC. Because there is nothing like this which ever exists. It is because the ads and the CPC depends on many factors.

For example, Seasonal ads.

Ads on “Thermal Wear” will have more CPC in winter season as advertisers will tend to pay more at this time because of more sales of their products. If you blocked that type of ad network, then you will block its high CPC throughout the year which is loss for you only. Like this there are many advertisers in different locations who prefer to spend more on ad clicks based on month, day, date, time, and even in specific hours of the day.

Seasonal ads example

Example illustrating 2 scenarios in which cost per click (CPC) will vary according to Geographic location for same Ad Category.

Let’s summarize

If you block ad network, then the number of advertisers bidding for showing ads on your ad slot will decrease drastically. Since number of Advertisers decreases, the bid to show ads on your website will decrease leading to lower CPC. If you don’t want to believe me you can try it out. First start earning through some constant traffic and then block few ad networks as suggested by some other bloggers. Then definitely you will understand the difference. In short, don’t follow the blog articles blindly as many blog articles are written just to get traffic and earn. They don’t bother about the quality and whether it is going to affect their visitors negatively.


Do you know?

AdSense ads that are shown on your blog or website, uses an auction process to determine the highest bidder for your website. (I already discussed in subsection 2.)

If you block any ads you’re already getting,

you are most likely blocking the winning bids which are the highest bidders on your site.

So in short, any ad that appears on your content pages has won the auction for that space. Google creates win-win scenario for both advertiser as well as publisher so that both can be benefited. So blocking any type of ad decreases the bid on your ad space.

You can block some ads categories (like gambling) to give your users the best experience when they visit your website.


9. Niches

There are No fixed Top paying niches for high CPC. Ask yourself that if CPC is not constant then how anyone can predict the Top and Low paying niches?

For example, some bloggers have written in their post that XYZ is the highest paying niches. OK. Assume for 1 minute that it is correct.

Now every blogger will come and make blog on same niche to earn more. What happens that there comes 1000’s of new blogs each day on same niche just increasing the size of Internet. This increases ad blocks from AdSense on multiple websites and hence increases competition to reach on top of Google result. If you have more competition on same niche, then it will take much time to get organic traffic to your site and hence you will not be able to earn.


If you can create a site that engages users from niche where such content is rare, then you will succeed. If you create just another blog for say the insurance niche because some blog report that they earn high CPC, then you will have very high competition to rank on Google as well as less CPC. So try to find out keywords which pay more instead of choosing niche. In short, highest CPC keywords are usually in lower traffic niches.

You should always choose a niche with which you are comfortable. If you choose a niche to earn money by following other blog articles, one day you will run out of the topics and will become hard for you to write any new articles. Niche should be selected in your interest where you can explore your knowledge, and no matter what, high CPC keywords and ads are available on every niche. So to earn more, you no need to select top niche.


Just 1 minute

WantExtra has been made to make your life easy and clear all your doubts without any leaving behind. You saw above how we unwrapped full CPC tips episode within few minutes. Many bloggers and site owners don’t know these things and don’t know art of making more money through AdSense.

“If you just competed reading this whole article,

then you are not one, but multiple steps ahead from many people on Internet.”

Start changing your strategy from today. If this article was helpful, follow us to get similar dig outs in future. Also share with your friends and the most important what I need is just your comment. I will love to listen from you. Happy blogging.

9 Tips to Increase AdSense CPC with Proof
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9 Tips to Increase AdSense CPC with Proof
CPC decides the amount you will earn when someone clicks an ad from your site. Here is a proof of my AdSense app screenshot and my strategies which you should follow.
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