How to submit URL to Google Search Console – Detailed Guide

To get traffic from search engines, we must submit our website to search engines. Here is the step by step guide to submit URL to Google with info-graphics as well as detailed guide below.


The above image depicts the method of submitting a site to Google. A step by step guide is presented below illustrating the same.


How a search engine can find your website on the internet

We will have to provide our sitemap to search engine. A sitemap is a list of pages (URLs) which is accessible to web crawlers often known as bots or spiders. Sitemap shows the relationship between the pages and their content. In order to get traffic from Google Searches, we have to add URLs of our website to Google.


What is web crawler

A web crawler is software application which runs automated tasks over the Internet specially for web indexing. This automated task is termed as crawling (means following a link). In addition to that, Search engines use some complex algorithms to filter site content quality. One of the algorithms used by Google today is Google Panda. This helps Google to show rich content quality articles for user search.

Most of the times, a web crawler visits your website and looks for a file called “robots.txt”. This file contains instructions for the crawler on which parts of the website to index, and which parts to ignore. The only way to control what a crawler sees on your site is by using a robots.txt file.


Types of Sitemaps

Sitemaps are in two formats. XML and HTML. Google webmaster Tool only allows XML format sitemap. To let Google crawlers index our site URL in their searches, we need to submit sitemap in XML format to Google Webmaster Tool.


How sitemap is used by Search engines

There are tons of sites over the Internet. So search engine providers needs some automated application to trace out best results for each search made by their users, termed as Web Crawlers.

To index our site in search engine, we will have to provide sitemap to the search engine. The process is being explained to the below post.


Google Search console  (previously Google Webmaster Tools)

The most used and most popular search engine is Google. So one should compulsorily add their blog in Google for more organic reach. This is how your blog can generate more traffic. “Google Search Console” is nothing but a place where you will place your sitemap. After this brief explanation here is the article showing step by step process to submit site to Google Search Console.

The most well-known crawler is called “Googlebot.”


Steps to submit sitemap to Google

To verify your site ownership with Google Search Console
  1. First of all you need to click here to verify your site with Google Search Console.
  2. After successful login to your google account, you will be asked to verify site ownership with some “Recommended Methods” as well as “Alternate Methods“. In order to verify fastly, I would prefer you to go to Alternate Methods -> Domain name provider.
  3. Now, select the domain name from which you have purchased your domain. After selecting click on Verify button.
  4. It will now show a screen of some progress bar ensuring that google is verifying site ownership with your domain name provider.
  5. Hurrah! Now you will soon get a message that “Congratulations, you have successfully verified your ownership of“.


Submitting URLs to Google Search Console

  1. Select your site from Google Search Console Home page.
  2. In the left side pane of the window, Click Crawl -> Sitemaps.
  3. In the right side of the window, click ADD TEST/SITEMAP button.
  4. Type sitemap.xml“. 
  5. Click Submit Sitemap“.

Now you have added your sitemap to Google successfully. In starting, if you navigate to Search traffic -> Search Analytics in the left pane of the window, then it will not show any data. Google may take up to 24 hours to show any data about your traffic. If it is new site then it may take some days too. This data reflect complete information about how your site functions in the Google Search engine.

Your site is ready to be indexed in google searches. Follow these steps and let me know for any feedback.

 Do you know? 

A page which has been deleted on your website shows 404 error page to your user. This can affect your SEO efforts negatively.


The second most used and famous search engine is Microsoft’s Bing. So to get more organic traffic, you should submit site to Google as well as Bing Search Engine.

I hope, it clears all your question about how to submit URL to Google. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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