Remove broken links from google

How and why to remove broken links from google

This article explains necessity to remove broken links from Google.

  • A broken link or a dead link is a link which no longer works or gives error response. It might be because previously that link existed but now doesn’t exists due to multiple factors.


While maintaining websites or blogs, we often encounter broken links in our application. It is often created during content update or page/post removal which was having link from some other page.

To check what links are available in google index for a site directly type site:[] in Google. (Replace [] with original domain name). If a link appears which no longer exist in our website then we can request Google to remove it.

If not then Google will itself create crawl errors for you site.


How to find broken links?

There are many free online tools to find broken links of a site. I prefer using Broken Link Checker or Dead Link Checker. Just enter the home URL of any site and it will scan a link which needs to be fixed.

But checking link errors from Webmaster Tools is more helpful and trustful.


How to remove a search result from google? or How to get a link removed from google?

To remove broken links from Google, sitemap of the site must be already submitted in Google Search console.

Google search result includes pages, images as well as videos which were previously found by Google bots. In the case to forcefully remove link from google search results, we will have to request google from Google webpage removal request tool.
Steps has been explained in “how to remove links from Google” subheading below. Please keep reading.


How to check 404 error in website?

Here Google Webmaster Tool (often referred as Google search console) comes to rescue. We can use it as Website Error Checker also.

If your site is present in Google Webmaster tool then you will see crawl error. If not found then you can check manually.

  1.  Login to Google Search Console.
  2.  Select the site for which you want to check crawl error.
  3.  Click Crawl from left pane.
  4.  Click Crawl errors.

The list of links having errors will be shown along with the reason in Response Code.

crawl error image
Above crawl error occurs when the page indexed in Google gives error response. (Above image shows my site example, where 404 response header means page not found)


How to remove links from Google

To remove any link or to remove broken links, we need to request Google from Google webpage Removal request Tool [Remove Outdated Content page]. If request accepted then, URL will no longer reflect in Google search. We need to follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Google’s Remove Outdated Content Page.
  2. Enter the URL needed to be removed from Google index.
  3. Click on Request Removal.
    [In case you got crawl errors(as discussed above), copy those links and request removal for them.]google url remove broken links image

Ta da. Done.
It takes approximately 24 hours to remove that link(page) from Google.
After 24 hours, check whether the links got removed. If removed, then go back to your crawl errors and mark those links as fixed.

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