How to register domain name on GoDaddy

This article will help you to register domain name on GoDaddy. If you want to use other registrars for registering a domain name then, you can always prefer others.

I would suggest you to go with GoDaddy or Bluehost. For Bluehost hosting please refer how to register domain name from Bluehost.

The reason to go with  GoDaddy is

  • it provides cheap domain names
  • it provides cheap hosting
  • post purchase customer support is excellent (experienced)
  • Linux and windows dedicated server hosting (both options)
  • best hosting for WordPress (experienced)


There are many other WordPress host available in market but due to first three reasons and my lack of money at the time of starting this blog convinced me to go with  GoDaddy. And afterwards I never regretted. Till now I consider it best hosting for WordPress.

Register a domain

What is domain?

To build one blog you will be required to register one domain name.

Domain name is the name of the website which is in between of “www” and “com”(extension). The extension name can vary according to geographical locations. So lets come to the point. The domain name represents your blog name by which people will remember you and your content. So the name you choose should be

  • easy to remember
  • small and meaningful


Continue with registration –
  1. So choose a domain name.Enter domain name-How to register domain name on GoDaddy
  2. Select the desired one and click Add to Cart.How to register domain name on GoDaddy-Add to Cart
  3. Click Continue to Cart.


Select Hosting Plan

What is hosting?

Hosting is a place on the internet where your domain name’s content (website) information will be saved or stored. So if someone wants to access your website or webpage then the contents of the website will be fetched from the hosting place (server). Hosting feature will provide you space to save your website contents as well as many more things.

Continue with registration –
  1. After registering domain, the next thing you need is to choose one hosting plan. Here I choose starter plan.Register domain name on GoDaddy-Select hosting plan
  2. After choosing domain name as well as hosting plan you will be shown some additional offers.
  3. Click Continue at the end of the page.Click Continue-How to register domain name on GoDaddy
  4. Review your cart and Checkout.Proceed to checkout-How to register domain name on GoDaddy
  5. Voila! You are almost there.


After successful purchase

Wait for few minutes and you will get a confirmation mail about your payment.

  1. Login to GoDaddy account.Login into GoDaddy-How to register domain name on GoDaddy
  2. Expand “Web Hosting“.
  3. Click on “Manage“.
  4. Here you will have option of “WordPress” under “Web Applications” section.Select WordPress-How to register domain name on GoDaddy
  5. Click on that and install WordPress. Enter a username as well as password. This will be used to sign in to your WordPress account.
  6. Click Submit. The WordPress will install within seconds.
  7. Go to Control Panel Home -> Installatron. This contains the links to you site + you WordPress controller + WordPress official support page.
  8. Click link which contains “wp-admin“.

You will be redirected to the WordPress dashboard from where you will control everything about your site.

Till this point you haven’t updated anything in your site so a default theme and contents will be shown while browsing your site.

Do let me know about the experience of registering domain name on GoDaddy.

How to register domain name on GoDaddy
Article Name
How to register domain name on GoDaddy
1. Choose a domain name. 2. Select the desired one and click Add to Cart. 3. Click Continue to Cart. 4. If you need, Choose one hosting plan. 5. Click Continue at the end of the page. 6. Click Checkout.

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