Install WordPress on Bluehost in 2 minutes (with pictures)

Bluehost is web hosting service that offers cheap and shared hosting, unlimited email accounts, unlimited space, 24×7 free support and has very trustworthy review. It is official web hosting partner of since 2005.

This article will drive you through the simple process to install WordPress on Bluehost.


Here is an article to install WordPress on GoDaddy.


Below are Steps to install WordPress on Bluehost (with Pictures)

Step 1

Bluehost account login page-Install WordPress on Bluehost

Go to BlueHost account login page and login using the username and password which you got during the purchase.
You will be redirected to the cPanel of your account.

Step 2

WordPress icon in cPanel-Install WordPress on Bluehost

You will find WordPress icon in “Software/Services/Website” section. Click on WordPress icon.


Step 3

Click Install WordPress-Install WordPress on Bluehost

WordPress details will open. Click the “Install” button


Step 4

select domain name-Install WordPress on Bluehost
Select the domain name for which you wish to install WordPress.
Click “Check domain“.


Step 5

Enter WordPress username and password-Install WordPress on Bluehost
“Last Step” screen will appear. Check Show advanced options checkbox.

  1. Give a Title for your website (Any name).
  2. Enter username
  3. Enter password.

These username and password will be used to login into WordPress directly.

  • cPanel authentication is used to keep your website and other functionality safe, which helps your website to run.
  • WordPress authentication is used for setting UI and other stuffs which will be visible on your website while browsing on Internet.

Select “Terms and conditions” checkbox and click “Install Now“.


Step 6

WordPress intall progress bar-Install WordPress on Bluehost
You will see a progress bar of installation and wordpress will be installed within few seconds.


Step 7

Click My Installs-Install WordPress on Bluehost

After installation is complete, Click on “My Installs” on right corner of screen.


Step 8

Admin Login for WordPress account-Install WordPress on Bluehost

Click “Admin Login” for your listed site.
Login with your WordPress username and password which you entered in step 5. You will see WordPress Login.


After successful Login in WordPress, you can start making pages and posts for your blog/website.

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Install WordPress on Bluehost in 2 minutes
Article Name
Install WordPress on Bluehost in 2 minutes
1. Go to 2. After Login, you will be sent to your control panel (cPanel). 3. Go to “website” section and click on the WordPress icon. You will be redirected to a WordPress Install page. 4. Click on "Install".

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