How to install WordPress using BigRock (Updated Nov-2017)

BigRock is the latest and cheapest WordPress hosting service provider in the market. I have already explained the process of purchasing domain name and hosting plan from GoDaddy in my previous posts.


Even this blog is hosted on GoDaddy as this was the most cheap and best reliable hosting at that time. But competition keeps rising in market. There are much reliable benefits being given by BigRock.

  • Single click install for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. (most important for non-technical people)
  • Support available over phone, chat and email.
  • Fast website access- Varnish technology caches static and dynamic content (Images, CSS, plain HTML, etc).
  • 99.9% uptime
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee

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In reality, the hosting you choose for your site is less important if you are smart enough and have sound knowledge of the current market. If you move your blog or website to Cloud, then your site will become more accessible and optimized over the globe.

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Why BigRock?

Bigrock is a new registrar and hosting company which is very famous these days because of its cheap price. You can purchase your hosting server, location-wise from Bigrock which is available both in India and US as of now. It gives you an added advantage of selecting your server locations.


BigRock Advantages

If you want to target specific countries to boost your business and make customers, then bigrock comes to your rescue. For a moment, let’s say that you live in India and you want to sell some products in Indian markets. If you choose your website server location to US, then each request to your website will go to US for processing and then response will come to user. This takes some network round-trips wasting some time as well as resources.

Instead of that, if your website is hosted on server within India, then each request and response to your server will be very fast because of less distance between user and the server. So this is the biggest advantage of choosing the correct hosting location for your website.


Steps to purchase Domain name, Hosting plan and 1-Click Install WordPress

login to bigrock1. Go to bigrock official site and type a domain name which you want for your blog or website.


bigrock checkout2. You will get multiple recommendations along with the one you typed if it is available to register. Choose one of the preferred domain name and click on Checkout.


select hosting plan bigrock India US3. Now you need to select hosting plan for your domain name. Means the space where your website will be saved on server. So its better to go with Linux based server and according to your requirement you can choose the plan. If you are beginner then you should always prefer starter plan since every major hosting providers gives facility to upgrade your existing plans to other plans whenever you want.


purchase summary bigrock4. After selecting a hosting plan you will see your order summary i.e, how much you are going to pay for domain nad hosting along with any taxes.
5. Now you need to sign in. If you already have an account with bigrock then sign in otherwise you can click Sign Up and make a new account.


choose payment method bigrock6. After authentication you will be asked to select your payment method. Choose one payment options.


enter billing address in bigrock7. Now you will have to enter your billing address and as well as payment mode details to pay. After filling everything, press Continue.


bigrock purchase confirmation8. After successful payment you will get message saying, “Your purchase is complete”.


click bigrock wordpress installation icon9. Login to your account cPanel and then search the WordPress icon if you want to host a WordPress website. Bigrock provides easy one click installation for WordPress.


10. Click on “Install button” and fill out your account details for your WordPress account. (Enter username and passwords which will be used to login to your WordPress website. Try not to use same credentials as that of cPanel).



How to install WordPress using BigRock (Updated Nov-2017)
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How to install WordPress using BigRock (Updated Nov-2017)
1-Click WordPress installation in Bigrock without any technical knowledge. Step by step guide to select WordPress hosting with pictures.
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  3. I’m in the process of transferring everything from Wix to WordPress and I’ve had issues installing it to my Mac. This post helped immensely and Big Rock gained a new customer. Thanks for sharing!

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