How to increase Page Authority – With Killer Case Study

This article depicts about how to increase Page Authority of a web page but not like other website do. When I started blogging, I was too much passionate to increase Page Authority and Domain Authority of my blog on Moz. When I searched on Google, I saw each and every website depicting same story of Good Content and External links but no exact solutions for it. Well I have got exact solution and I know now how to increase Page Authority for sure. Read the below article and don’t miss the last sub heading of this article where I have presented my CASE STUDY.

By following some techniques, web pages can index in search engine result pages to get more organic traffic.


What is Page Authority?

Page Authority (PA) is score created by a Saas company Moz, used to predict the ranking of specific page on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).


In short, Page Authority is a measure to predict the ability for a specific page to rank in Search Engines.


The score is between 1 to 100, where higher score of a web page means greater probability to rank in SERP.

  • PA score depends upon Backlinks, Internal Links, External Links, Off Page SEO, Word Count, etc.


We cannot influence a web page’s PA score directly but by following some steps we can drastically improve the PA score of a web page. (Hence signalling Search engines to rank our site web pages)

How to increase Page Authority?

Here is to-do list to follow to boost up page authority of web pages, with description wherever required. The content is updated regularly with updated market strategies and so please save bookmark for future reference.

increase page authorityThe above points explained in some detail below.


  1. Keep updating pages regularly with rich content (try to use show statistics data)
  2. Focus on writing in depth quality content – The content of a page matters a lot. A good article will attract viewers and . Without our knowledge, people will start referring our page resulting in creating backlinks automatically from different locations on internet. Hence a free off page seo for you.
  3. Get more referrals from higher PA pages – Try to place your low PA page link in the relevant high PA page. This will increase more user interaction and more time spent on low PA page. Hence getting more link juice from higher PA score pages will give search engines signal that low PA score page is also useful content.
  4. Build Domain Authority.
  5. Don’t buy backlinks. It can drastically decrease your site trust value and hence resulting fall of PA score.
  6. Remove bad backlinks on regular basis – Hard work of building quality back links can be undone if you site is pointed by number of spammy links. To keep track on this, use Open Site Explorer of Moz or Google webmaster tool  to detect harmful links.
  7. Build External links pointing to most authority pages.


FAQ – How to remove bad backlinks?

To remove these links, start contacting site owner who are responsible to point to your page. You can ask them to remove the links otherwise use Google Disavow Tool to request to remove certain links from your link profile.


OK. Now one more content which should not be missed.


When I started my blog (WantExtra), I did the same things as stated above like other websites. But I wanted to rethink on the strategies. Above strategies are being followed by every top sites and then also their PA score is just like an average (somewhere between 40-60) irrespective of their presence on Internet for years. If they are so good in knowing how to increase Page Authority, then why don’t their Page Authority doesn’t increases more than current one? Right?

Blogging is something like, if you share more, you get more exposure. I wanted to do the same and wanted to learn something. So here it is what I did.

I placed some backlinks of my site on different blogs as a comments, submitted my site to high PR web-directories, joined online forums to take part in discussions. Everywhere I left the link of my website i.e, my homepage link.

After one month, my Moz rank? PA=1DA=1


Till now, I got too much of exposure about Google updates, algorithms, bad backlinks, spam links, quality backlinks, etc. You can understand more on backlinks from my other post. So I wanted to think like Google. Please take a time to read it. It will be worth for sure.

  • If you search “Facebook” on Google, The first page links are flooded with Facebook homepage links, whether it is about Login, or Sign Up, or News, or Wikipedia, or anything others.
  • If you search with “Facebook Policies” on Google, the first page links are flooded with FB policies links.


But when you searched with keyword “Facebook”, why you didn’t got any links about “Facebook Policies”? Think it once?

You are right. Because its not relevant.


Now, as already discussed above, Page Authority is a trust or ability of a specific page, to rank well on search engines. In depth, it depends upon whether you website pages links, are useful for people or not. If you have a website of Jewellery shop, but you placed your link in my blog of “how to start a blog”, how they are relevant? By doing this, you are making fun of SEO. This backlink will not give any type of benefit to you because your link is 100% irrelevant.

So, instead of placing my website link directly on other places over internet, I started placing my relevant pages link on relevant discussion forums. Like, if a forum discussion is about “where can I find list of high PR directory sites?“, then instead of placing my site link in that discussion, I put my page link which gave information about high PR directory sites in my website.


Advantages as of now
  • I started getting more traffic on that particular page because my link was relevant to the question. Also people liked it.
  • My link was placed at a place, where if that question gets opened after 100 years, then also people will get answer to their question on my website.

So here my link was now 100% relevant to the content.

Fast forward 2 more months. Since I was only concentrating on PA score, my current scores on Moz is PA=26, DA=12. You can check here. I already wrote the same in my point 3 above in ways to increase Page Authority.

My PA score is more then double of DA score and that too within 2 months. My Page has more trust rating to come over Search Engine result pages. Right?


But there is one problem. How can you get each time that type of question in discussion boards to place your relevant link over there?

  1. Connect with the related forums where people discuss about things which you have on your website or blog.
  2. Be an active, useful and polite participant over there and keep sharing, discussing in QA.
  3. Place your post link, if you see a question which is at least 80% related to your post.

Now wait for next update by Moz. Your PA score will sky rocket.

Along with this, you also must understand the value of Domain Authority and how to increase domain authority of your website.


Let’s share with friends

Hope your site roars by increased PA score following these steps. Please do comment if you like the post and about what strategies you followed.

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✅ How to increase Page Authority in 2017 - With Killer CASE STUDY
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✅ How to increase Page Authority in 2017 - With Killer CASE STUDY
With the ways to increase your Page Authority and Page Rank, here is the case study about how I increased my PA score by 200% in 3 months
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  1. LEO JACK says:

    Domain Authority is really important. Better DA means better SERP. It depends lot of factors as you have mentioned and yes, we need to take care of all these things and get higher DA.
    Thanks for the informative post

  2. We have been in the Search Engine marketing industry for a while, but I always learn something new everyday. Thank you for putting a great explanation for DA. I was never sure how to explain DA to other people, but I have so much better picture now. Thank you.

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    Thanks a lot .Nice step you discussed in this blog. these all are true factors for getting good domain authority.
    This content on improving page author and domain authority is informative and filled with great tips ✨
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    Nice read! Thank you for taking the time consolidating this topic. Kudos!

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    Apoorv, this was super to read. I really had a great time and for me it was all new, I learned something today, thank you. I really need to get on top of this topic, Domain Authority seems to be key to success. But question: 650 forums … how to find out which one to concentrate on? How many of them shall i select?

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi Dieter!
      Glad to know that you enjoyed this post. But as you told, I have listed 650 high PR directory sites in which you can submit your blog. Not forums.

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    Nice topic , after reading your article i get more knowledge and i am sure this is one of the best article you write. Keep it up.

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