How to increase Page Authority

This article depicts about how to increase Page Authority of a web page. By following some techniques, web pages can index in search engine result pages to get more organic traffic.


What is Page Authority?

Page Authority (PA) is score created by a Saas company Moz, used to predict the ranking of specific page on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).


In short, Page Authority is a measure to predict the ability for a specific page to rank in Search Engines.


The score is between 1 to 100, where higher score of a web page means greater probability to rank in SERP.

  • PA score depends upon Backlinks, Internal Links, External Links, Off Page SEO, Word Count, etc.


We cannot influence a web page PA score directly but by following some steps we can drastically improve the PA score of a web page. (Hence signalling Search engines to rank our site web pages)


How to increase Page Authority?

Here is to-do list to follow to boost up page authority of web pages, with description wherever required. The content is updated regularly with updated market strategies and so please save bookmark for future reference.

increase page authorityThe above points explained in some detail below.


  1. Keep updating pages regularly with rich content (try to use show statistics data)
  2. Focus on writing in depth quality content – The content of a page matters a lot. A good article will attract viewers and . Without our knowledge, people will start referring our page resulting in creating backlinks automatically from different locations on internet. Hence a free off page seo for you.
  3. Get more referrals from higher PA pages – Try to place your low PA page link in the relevant high PA page. This will increase more user interaction and more time spent on low PA page. Hence getting more link juice from higher PA score pages will give search engines signal that low PA score page is also useful content.
  4. Build Domain Authority.
  5. Don’t buy backlinks. It can drastically decrease your site trust value and hence resulting fall of PA score.
  6. Remove bad backlinks on regular basis – Hard work of building quality back links can be undone if you site is pointed by number of spammy links. To keep track on this, use Open Site Explorer of Moz or Google webmaster tool  to detect harmful links.
  7. Build External links pointing to most authority pages.


How to remove bad backlinks?

To remove these links, start contacting site owner who are responsible to point to your page. You can ask them to remove the links otherwise use Google Disavow Tool to request to remove certain links from your link profile.


Hope your site roars by increased PA score following these steps. Please do comment if you like the post and about what strategies you followed.

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