How to increase Domain Authority

This article will dive you into hacking process to increase Domain Authority. Fellas looking for increasing Page authority can refer my post here. The practical ways to increase Domain Authority are explained below but first let’s start with the internet buzz of,


What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a score developed by Saas company Moz. It is used to predict the ranking probability of a website on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

In short, Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name that is it’s (Age, Popularity, and Size).

Just like Page Authority (PA), DA score ranges from 1 to 100. Domain Authority calculation is based upon many factors like linking root domains, number of total links, MozRank, MozTrust, etc.

  • It is easy to increase DA score from 30-40, rather than increasing from 80-90, because it is easy to participate into the competition but its hard to win the competition from others.
  • We use Moz to check domain authority. (sometimes said as domain rank checker or DA checker)


Moz is quite popular company. It provides SEO tools for measuring onsite and off-site aspects of a website’s level of SEO.


Where to find Domain Authority?

To find Domain Authority, we often use domain authority checker Open Site Explorer or MozBar.

  • Enter your site address on Open Site Explorer and you will get the DA score. OR
  • You can install MozBar to get DA score of every site you visit from your browser.

The sites having more outbound links to high DA pages like Google or Wikipedia, will automatically get more DA score preference.


Some Interesting Internal Maths:

  • Domain Authority also depends upon domain age.
  • For good SEO, domain names can also be purchased.
  • You can’t influence your DA score directly.
  • It is very difficult to get DA score 100. (Facebook, Twitter, Google can score though)
  • Building good internal links also tends to score more DA.
  • Keep the average number of internal and external links within a limit.
  • Domain strength is nothing but ability to get DA score fastly.
  • You cannot increase Domain Authority overnight. So be patient.


Below is the postmortem on Domain Authority


increase domain authority detailed infographics


Practical steps to understand to increase Domain Authority
Write great content

In each post I write this line and don’t get frustrated by this because content is the master of everything. If your content is good then even page SEO is not required. Please do remember that if you have content to give then only people will visit your page.


Average Number of Links

Keep the average number of links (combined internal and external links) on a web page within limit. Using too many outbound links can reduce the amount of PageRank juice that gets flown through each of the links.


Appropriate inbound linking

Use appropriate inbound linking. Lots of sites on internet will suggest to link as many as possible internal links. But this annoys user. Don’t link all your post from same post or page. This decreases user experience. Link to related pages of your site only.


Make website fast

For user experience it matters a lot. For SEO purpose, a little bit. Sites are made for users but not for bots. Make your website fast, so that they can spend more time on your page. I addition, write quality contents which make better user experience.


Keep your permalinks short

Create a url link with keywords combined. It helps user to remember your domain name and links of your page. Don’t use id’s or stopwords in your links. Using stopword in a link is bad for SEO.


Insert “Recent posts” section

Keep Recent posts section on sidebar of each posts and pages for a better user experience. This increases traffic on other pages. The more pages gets visited on site, the more frequently site gets crawled by search engines bots. If your site is often updated with new content, this sidebar widget can actually improve the crawling speed.

Regularly updated sites are visited regularly by crawlers. Keeping recent post section in sidebar can promote deep crawling and even unlinked pages will also get indexed in Google, resulting in more traffic.



Social media can be used as the most powerful tool to reach out your audience. Promote your content on social media and make it a daily habit. It generates more traffic and more backlinks to your pages. Make profiles with your domain names and keep posting some useful content.

In addition, if you have a large number of email subscriber then always send them personalized mails regarding new posts and new pages.


Domain Age Matters

DA score is directly proportional to Domain Age. More Domain Age gathers more trust on the web by gathering more backlinks. So don’t try to create spammy backlinks to get a site DA overnight. Submit the site only to trusted web directories instead of submitting to all.


User Interface

And last but not least, maintain the page with clean user interface.

All the above steps combinely will increase domain authority of any site.

Please remember that bagging a good DA score is not a overnight process. So be patient and keep blogging. Please do share this post and comment below if this content seems to be useful.

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