How to improve website’s Google rank

Are you trying to improve website’s Google rank? If yes then here are some expensive yet free worth reading white hat SEO content to boost up your website page rank.

Working on keyword optimization or on-page SEO might generate good search engine ranking reports but not always. To make top search engines love your site and content, you must consider other factors which can boost up your SEO score.


  • Using keyword means you want to target the users from search engines. Rather then this, you can write a rich quality content which will improve user experience and usability of a website.


Here I am trying to cover every aspect to improve website’s Google rank. I have done extensive research before writing this content. Just follow this and watch your website rise the ranks in search engine results.


how to improve website's Google rank


Important Maths to know:

Google Algorithms and how it affects you

Many people ignore this important need to understand Google ranking algorithms. Websites having higher traffic also can lead to no traffic by just one update. If we go with, Google updates its algorithms for an average of 500-600 times a year to show the best matches for users search. The major updates are announced by them but the minor one remains untraceable to general public.

If they make every update public then it will be very easy for SEO professionals to top the Google search results. But unfortunately its not.

  • Even a minor update of Google can make you  to face drop in traffic harming your company.

Another more interesting fact is Google has more than dozen different algorithms which all together are responsible to rank a website in its search result.

Since we are not robots who can track each update of Google, as humans we can take other steps to make sure that our site doesn’t gets affected by any of Google algorithms update. For this there are some hidden corners in SEO we need to discover.

Site Speed

Google checks the site speed for allowing you a good search position. It means that your site speed matters a lot. Have you ever clicked a link and you closed the tab because site was not loading fast? Yes it happens a lot. According to studies by Optimizely, site traffic drops by 11% if site load time increased from 1 seconds to 4 seconds.

You can check your site speed by many online tools. These will give site load time on desktop and mobile, and also possible fixes if problem encountered. Some of them are listed below:


Mobile Friendly

Make sure that your site is mobile friendly. Mobile are being used to make google searches more then desktops. According to research by The Guardian, global mobile browsing increased for 51.3% in November 2016, and we know that this is not going to decrease.


In addition to the above studies, Google has already planned to update the ranking criteria based on mobile responsiveness of site.

  • Google has given a simple tool Google Mobile friendly Test to check your site is mobile friendly or not.
  • Google Search Console also has embedded tool to check site’s mobile experience. Recommended fixes are also shown by Google in case of errors encounters.


If you have CMS website then you have advantage of using plugins which will enhance mobile experience for your site.


6 Key points to improve website’s Google rank


1. Publish High quality relevant content

The most important and challenging part is writing a high quality content. Many people ask how they will write high quality content as everything is already available on internet.

If you feel so, then just do research on your interested topic. A lot of research will give you more knowledge about the topic and you may discover quite unique content for your article. So in short, give more time in reading and doing research on the topic and BOOM, release the best content you can.

  • The amount of time visitors spend on your website can incredibly increase your SEO score.
  • Quality contents attract user to gain more knowledge from your content, making them to spend more time on your site.

Some online SEO tips and tricks may suggest you to write your post not too long because it affects SEO score. Well, its not correct. If you have quality content, its obvious that your post is going to be big enough.

  • You cannot predict SEO of any site by content length. So at last the king is content. Google loves rich quality content. Just write that and fuel up your site ranking.

The main point to focus here is if visitors loves your content, then Google will love your site. So try to include rich statistics data, good explanatory images, and videos on your articles.


2. Focus on User Experience

This is the second most important factor to effect your SEO. Make your site loading time super fast as user may leave your site if they have to wait just couple of extra seconds then usual.
Otherwise, it will target to increase bounce rate and affecting your SEO ranking.

  • Using compressed images instead of original images relatively decreases the load time of web page.
  • Always use alternative texts (<alt> tags) for any images or videos on your page. This makes search engines to index your images and locate the pages more efficiently.

Make your site mobile friendly as trend for browsing web has changed from desktop to smaller devices.

Try to make a clean UI by mixing appropriate headings and spacing around paragraphs. It makes readers to spend more time on your site and come back for more.
Use normal language, easy to digest instead of using hard keywords. Make the content as simple as possible. No one wants to open a separate tab for searching the meaning of keywords you have used in your article.


3. Use relevant links

Keep your internal and external links count within a limit on each page. And use relevant keyword while defining a link for
a destination page instead of writing “click here”. Links rich in destination keywords tends to enhance SEO rank higher in search engines.

Having quality backlinks signals search engines that your site contains good information and can be considered for good
search engine ranking.

  • Keep check on broken links in your site and keep removing them. You can easily trace out broken links from Google
    Webmaster Tool crawl errors section and remove them from Google url remover. You can also opt for third party plugins.


4. Social media

Do not underestimate the power of social media. It can boost your traffic many folds signalling search engines to rank your site higher and hence improve website’s Google rank. You can target a large audience directly from social media by sharing your page and articles.

  • It develops trust and brand name of your site among the audience. Keep social sharing buttons on each page of your site.


5. Use relevant metadata

Metadata acts like an ad of your site saying what relevant information you have for users search result. Just like an ad, try to make it relevant.
You can adjust the individual posts and pages metadata for better search ranking. Try to write a good title and description of your page. Both are the visual representation of your site in search engines. An attractive and relevant metadata signals users that the page contains the same information user is looking for.

  • If you have a CMS website then metadata is already populated for you. You can write your own metadata below <head> tags of your page or you can use third party plugins.


6. Update your content regularly

Keep your posts and pages up-to-date with relevant information and to make your audience more attracted. Updating sites signals search engines for getting crawled regularly.

  • Google loves updating sites. It increases the site to rank higher in search results. Even Alexa ranking can be influenced to some extent by updating sites regularly.


All the above explained points will all together lead to improve website’s Google rank.

Hope you got it. Share your thoughts on this article. Keep blogging.

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