How to create an AdSense Account and start earning

When we start blogging, somewhere we have already heard about multiple ways of making money. This also includes making money by showing ads on your website. When I started blogging, all these things were too overwhelming for me to understand. Even, my first request of AdSense account was rejected. So, I spent some more time on my blog  and again I applied and well, lucky to have my AdSense account approved.

For newbies, AdSense is a program of Google (see Wikipedia), which shows ads on your website. Google pays you, when someone clicks the ad on your website. Google also pays when someone scrolls through your pages having ads (but less, and is called Impression).

As of now, I am using only AdSense ads on my blog. Also, I have discussed other ways for bloggers to make money in previous posts. Lets start with the first step to create an AdSense account and you will understand that it is super easy to make one.



To apply for AdSense, you should have


Step By Step Guide to apply for Google Adsense account (with pictures)

1. Open up the Google AdSense Homepage and Click on Sign Up. You can use your gmail id and please note that all the AdSense related mails will be received on this email account.


Enter-webiste-Preferred-Language-AdSense2. Enter your website address for which you need AdSense ads and select your preferred language.


Enter-AdSense-Payment-Details3. Now you will be asked to enter your Payment Details. Please note that the name and address entered by you will be used by Google to verify your address at later stages (while receiving payment). Enter your name correctly as Google doesn’t allows changing Payee Names in some countries.


Paste-AdSense-Code-to-Header4. You will get a JavaScript Code. Copy this code and paste in header of your website homepage. And click “DONE“.


Now Google will review your website manually to ensure you website comply with their AdSense policies. Remember that AdSense policies are very strict and failing any of those will make your account banned. It is always recommended to read this policies before applying for AdSense account to get approved in first go.

It might take minimum of few days to maximum of weeks to approve your account. Meanwhile there is no option other then waiting. My first request was rejected within 24 hours and Second request was accepted in 7 hours.



If your website is according to AdSense policies then you will receive one mail saying your “Your account is activated” and now you are eligible to place ads on your website to start earning.

Now the next step is how to set up your first AdSense ad on your website.


Advantages of having AdSense ads
  • Your website will show quality ads which will provide good User Experience to your visitors.
  • It display contextual ads i.e. it detect the keywords around ad position and then displays the ads accordingly.
  • Google AdSense uses cookies to display related ads based on your browsing.
  • It is a program by Google and hence, everyone trusts it.


Share your experience of AdSense account approval in comment section and share this article so that it can help your friends.

How to create an AdSense Account and start earning
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How to create an AdSense Account and start earning
1. Go to AdSense Homepage and click on Sign Up. 2. After SignUp, Enter the website address and preferred language. 3. Enter Payment Details 4. Paste the code between <head> tags of you website homepage. 5. Click "Done". It will take few hours to few days to get your account activated.
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  1. This is such a simple explanation with screenshots! Really helpful for beginners like me. Wanted to ask if 6 months age criteria for the website is applicable everywhere or a website ageing 3 months can also apply for google Adsense accounts.

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi Nidhi,

      In India, 6 months age criteria is long gone concept now. You can apply whenever your website/blog has contents according to AdSense policies.

  2. Lim Jen says:

    Well. This is really a good and very informative and detailed. Definitely will save this link for future purposes. Im thinking to add adsense on my site already but dont know how to start. this is good.

  3. Wow! I landed at the right place today! I am new to blogging and have been trying to know more and more about Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing programs! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  4. Meenuk says:

    So informative article for me.

  5. Cath says:

    This was incredibly useful and informative, particularly to a novice like myself

  6. Denise says:

    this was very informative my last adsense application and I am getting ready to reapply. thanks

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