How long does it takes to rank at top of Google Search

Before you start, I would like you to check my article about How to improve your site Google’s Rank, so that you can proceed further to achieve top positions in Google Search Results.


How to rank on google first page

Whether you are a newbie or doing client SEO, the first question which matters a lot is

“How long does it takes to rank at top of Google search”

So the common answer to this question would be

“It depends.”

The style of ranking on Google has changed significantly in previous few years. There was time when writing only some targeted keywords in your site would help you to rank on top of search results.

But in modern world, search engines are getting smarter to give users the best result based on their search queries.

To achieve this, many factors are now taken into consideration to rank a page on top of SERP.


  • If you want to know just TO-Do list to rank on top, just scroll to last section of this article. But, I would suggest you to read the below analysis, to get benefits from your site on long term. (Recommended)



How the Search era is changing? – (Recommended Reading)

The revolution of cheap smartphones has changed the SEO too. Now, people are using tools like Cortana (Microsoft), Siri (Apple), Google Now (mainly Android) to do voice based searches, instead of typing it.

Also, while typing a search query, people write more and more relevant keywords to get most relevant pages in result.

Tracing out these keywords can vary from  different geographic locations to different communities.

For example, for the current article, you can search in Google 2 queries,

  1. How long it takes to rank on Google.
  2. How long does it take for a new website to show up on Google?


Here, both the searches will show 60% of search results as same. Reason?

Both questions queried seeks for same piece of knowledge. Just some words are varying in both queries.


Few years back, this results were different. Both queries would have given totally different results, due to SEO being calculated by keywords.


Now as of today, since both the above queries are relevant to each other, the pages on top of the search result will remain same (maximum times till the relevancy is same).

For this, Search engines have become smarter and hence, we need to become smart accordingly, to beat the competition to reach on top of search engines results.



On what factors the ranking of a website depends?

It depends

  • on how long your website has been around,
  • whether you have any quality content or not,
  • is your site crawl-able,
  • and thousand of other factors.

Don’t worry, I am gonna cover almost all main aspects if you read this article till end. (Recommended)


I will not drive any misconception that “You will rank in 1 day” or “how to rank on Google in 60 days.” If you are smart enough then you will understand that none of these claims are correct, if you want to sustain your business growth. (Yes you can rank in one day for the low competition keyword, but since that is low competition, the ranking will not help in driving any traffic and business growth)


There are many people in same industry who have much influence in market and much experience in this field.


You will find many sites claiming the right ways to top the search result and many people in their comment section too arguing with those techniques. (Same in the case of forums).

So contradicting these styles of theoretical explanation, lets draw some practical conclusions from practical analysis of millions of records. has listed a detailed factors which helps to give an idea to top search engine results.


Two major factors which consider the ranking of pages are listed below:

1. How old are the top-ranking pages?


  • The analysis on 2 million keywords and their respective top 10 search results showed that the average top 10 ranking websites were 2+ years old.
  • Ranking #1 were 3+ years old.
  • In total analysis, only 22% of websites were present which were created within one year.


How long it takes to rank at top of Google search- age of pages


We can conclude that, Domain Age matters a lot.


2. How long does it take for a page to rank in Google?

Again analysis on 2 million random pages and tracking their ranking history for any keyword it ranked for, gave some mind blowing results.

  • Only 5.7% of total studied 2 million pages ranked in Top 10 search results within 1 year for at least 1 keyword.

For more details, Pages from websites having higher DR (Domain Rating, an Ahrefs metrics) similar to Domain Authority (MOZ metrics) performed way better.

The above analysis does not gave any perfect answer that how long does it takes to rank. But we got some data analysis that gives some ideas-

  • 95% of newly published pages don’t make to climb top10 within a year.
  • 5% remaining were able to make it because of their great content and astonishing knowledge of SEO.
  • In addition those 5% have high DA and PA scores which they achieved by their great consistent SEO efforts.

From the analysis above, we can conclude that apart from on page SEO, there are many other factors like (DA and PA) scores which helps in deciding your position on web page.



What to do if you don’t have high DA and PA scores

Start increasing your DA and PA scores from day 1 as the first step, to boost up your ranking. I have already posted these contents with some do’s list which you must follow.


Other then this, I prefer Link building as the most powerful way to rank boost up your ranking as well as it helps in boosting DA score.

So as the conclusion, I would suggest you to focus your efforts on Link Building too.

“Building Quality backlinks are always considered as Strong SEO practice”


For more accuracy, Neil patel has a detailed analysis by scanning 20,000 urls on multiple factors. Here I will give you their summary results.

Disclaimer:The below data has been found on average basis and average analysis. This can change for your site. Of course, the below analysis is the near to accurate data but always comparing with the these data will not be helpful, as SEO depends on thousand of other factors.


Average Highest Rank Position (for any keyword):  1.81

Means you can rank on page 1 for a given keyword on Google in less then 4 months.

Average Domain Rating (Ahref metrics) of the ranking page:  49.6

DR is the Ahrefs metrics which is much similar to moz’s DA score. You can check your DR score by signing up for free account in or DA score from


Based on the above discussions, we are at a verge to conclude the following:


All in One TO-DO List to jump to top rank in Google Search

1. Increase DA score

The websites with high DR/DA has tendency to rank faster when compared with tiny websites.


2. Update your site regularly

Fresh Content are more likely to be ranked quickly. Google algorithms are smart enough to keep track on fresh contents.


3. Keep promoting

Link Building is a continuous process for small sites until you create your site buzz as a brand. Once popular, your links will get automatically build by your audience.

“Link Building is a slow process but will help you in setting up your business in long terms.”


4. Keyword Selection

Select the appropriate keywords for ranking. If your selected keywords are already being used by top websites of your niche, then you can use it too to create competition.


5. Fresh Data

At last, focus on freshness of data on your site and keep clean User Interface.


Along with these already I discussed as there are thousands of other factors to affect your SEO. Here is a detailed table about the factors affecting SEO. Maximum of them, I have already discussed in my previous posts in detail.


Image courtesy:

How long does it takes to rank at top of Google search periodic table

The Periodic Table of SEO showing the major factors to focus on for Search Engine Ranking Success.



That was a detailed presentation on how long does it take to rank at top of Google Search. Let me know about your strategies and what steps you followed from this article. Till then,

Keep Blogging.

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