How to setup CloudFlare Free CDN for your Blog – With Pictures

Loading time of web page is becoming very important topic for considering a website’s Search Engine ranking. As we have already discussed in our previous posts, that Google also considers the loading speed of your website while indexing your website in their result pages.

After doing, image optimization and other necessary optimizations as suggested by Google, you are at your last and most important step to ensure that your website loading speed becomes faster. So to achieve this, we need to take help of CDN (Content Deilvery Network).

We have already covered about what is Content Delivery Network and how it is going to benefit you with the help of info-graphics.There are number of CDN providers in market and you can opt any. This article is focused on CloudFlare CDN.


What is CloudFlare and Why we choose this?

CloudFlare is a (CDN)Content Delivery Network provider which is famous for providing most secure access to your website. It sits between your visitor and your hosting provider to give cached content of your site to your visitors. By this special architecture (also called Reverse proxy), it also adds one more security layer between your website visitors and your server containing your core files.

This security mechanism of CloudFlare is important for those who are running open source website platforms like WordPress.


Along with this, we have also explained some more features of CloudFlare.

Here, we understood that, by caching your site content and distributing that cached content over its other servers globally, it will decrease your website load time. And the most basic reason of opting for CloudFlare is, its FREE.



How to set up CloudFlare Free CDN?

Some of the hosting companies like Bluehost have integrated ClouFlare in their cPanel and some of them have not. To check whether your hosting company provides CloudFlare automatic installation, login to your cPanel, and search CloudFlare icon. If found, you can easily configure CloudFlare for your website from cPanel.


  To configure CloudFlare from cPanel  


bluehost-Clouflare-icon1. Click the CloudFlare icon in cPanel.


Select-domain-CloudFlare-feature2. Select the domain name for which you need CloudFlare feature (in case of multiple domains).


Click-Activate-CloudFlare3. Click Activate and Click on the Grey-cloud icon to turn on CloudFlare. Grey color means CloudFlare is OFF and Orange color means CloudFlare is ON.


Now your hosting company will setup other settings automatically. Done!



  To configure CloudFlare if not available in cPanel  

If CloudFlare icon is not there in your cPanel, then no need to worry. Actually by this method, you can have more control and can configure multiple other features of CloudFlare which you cannot utilize when installing from cPanel.

1. Visit CloudFlare website, Click on Sign Up and Enter required details.


Login-into-cloudflare-account2. Login to your CloudFlare account.


Enter-website-URL3. Now enter the website for which you want CloudFlare service.


CloudFlare-scans-your-domain4. CloudFlare will scan your website’s DNS records. This process will take hardly few seconds.


Cloudflare-shows-DNS-zone-file5. After the scan completes, you will see all the transferred data from hosting company to your CloudFlare account.


6. Automatically, CloudFlare will turn ON (orange color) for preferred domain name. If you want to turn it off, click on Orange cloud to make this setting OFF (grey cloud). In case you have sub-domains, you can turn ON-OFF any one of them according to your need. In case you have only one domain, the orange color will be shown for that particular domain name.


Select-CloudFlare-plan7. Now, select the plan. the basic plan of CloudFlare is free and provides some cool features which is suitable for any kind of non-transactional websites. If you have an e-commerce or other type of transactions related site then you should always prefer paid service.


CloudFlare-DNS-NameServer8. After selecting the Plan, CloudFlare will provide two DNS name Server URL. You need to update the name servers in your cPanel settings with the newly provided CloudFlare DNS Nameservers.


Cloudflare-DNS-Modification-pendingAfter doing the changes in cPanel, click continue and CloudFlare will show a modification pending screen. Your hosting company can take up to 24 hours to update your modified settings. Once its modified, CloudFlare will automatically detect the update on your cPanel and your ClouFlare account will become active.


Now, your site is hosted on CloudFlare and you have taken the last step to ensure your website loads faster irrespective of the device location across the globe.


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How to setup CloudFlare Free CDN for your blog - With Pictures
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How to setup CloudFlare Free CDN for your blog - With Pictures

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