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There is craze to buy backlinks among SEO experts. Do you know why? Because backlinks are the most influential factor for a good SEO. I have already discussed about importance of backlinks in my previous posts.


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Backlinks are your website links which are placed at different websites on internet. When the numbers of backlinks calculated altogether is high, then your site is considered to be high authority site. It means that your site is providing some good knowledge and Search engines considers this as a signal factor to give your site a better position in Search Engine Result Pages.

As of 2017, buying backlinks is not a good way at all to boost up your search engine ranking and organic traffic. To be loyal with search engines and to get consistent organic traffic, you should not buy backlinks. We will discuss this aspect below. Before that, here is the list of websites which can guarantee you quality backlinks for your site at reasonable prices.

Top 4 most safe and trusted place to buy backlinks

1. Fiverr

When it comes to buy backlinks, the godfather is Fiverr. Fiverr is a place where you can buy backlinks in exchange of some reasonable amount. You can get 100 or 1000 of backlinks within 1-2 days even for $5. But wait, every person claiming you a good backlinks from Fiverr will not be the same as it will look. Many gigs use automated tools which will place your backlinks to major spammy sites and you can be penalized from Google within few days. In short, the spammy backlinks can tear your website apart.

Then how to choose the perfect gig?

  • Well, choose a gig with good review, high rating and has been brought by multiple buyers.

Remember that, getting 10 backlinks from high authority websites is far more better then getting 1000 backlinks from low authority sites. So instead of opting for quantity, consider quality while buying backlinks. While placing order to any gig in Fiverr, always ask them to provide full report of your placed links by them.


2. Links Management

Links Management is very popular place to buy backlinks at low budget from websites having Domain Authority between 40 to 100. They claim that your backlinks are placed manually and also, they have some open case studies where they have increased a website’s organic traffic to multiple folds within few days.

Here you can buy backlinks from edu websites which have high Domain Authority. They also offer
SEO calculator, from which you can calculate about how much time it will take for your given keywords to rank in Google top pages. Along with that, SEO calculator calculates amount of link needed and the cost to get those links from Links Management.


3. The

Previously named as Authority Backlinks, is one more powerful marketplace to buy and sell backlinks.

They have very good reviewed LinkBuilding services. And also they reach authority sites and do guest posting which includes your link. Their service includes many other types of white hat SEO techniques to give you perfect backlinks for your website.


4., is one more premium market place to buy backlinks for your website. You can also sell backlinks to make money for yourself. The links which you buy will remain active as long as they receive monthly payment from you. The pricing strategies of this marketplace is based on Domain Authority of the website on Moz. Learn more about Moz Domain Authority.

You can get independence of changing your dofollow backlinks to nofollow upon request to them. So it is one of the  most customizable place to buy quality baklinks.


Lets share

You will find many articles with multiple websites list, but as of 2017, we should not buy backlinks and if we buy, then we must buy from the most trusted sources. Any wrong step taken regarding backlinks manipulation can penalize your website which will hider your business growth. Share this article if this was helpful.

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Top 4 Safe websites to buy backlinks
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  1. Bookmarked this for me! though I am unable to comprehend a lot of terms in this.

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    Very educational. I am interested in backlinks and found this post perfect for what i need.

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    this is very helpful for a person just starting out like me but as a starter I would love to start with the best but since there’s so many which is the best of all you’d recommend yourself?

  4. Is Fiverr really safe though, I get that it the most popular even I sell there from time to time but can’t help to wonder if buying links there is the right option

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Yes it’s safe if you find the correct gig. You will have to find a good valuable provider from the crowd of trash. It’s not easy but it’s up to you to find such one.

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    Good article. I was looking for some good information for backlinks website. Your article provided good info

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    I was thinking about this option but could not decide yet to go for it. One day I read google does not make to much rating based on back links and we should not think about it and then again we get the message saying got for back links

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