Blog vs Website

Hi there!

You have came to this page so I assume you are new to everything. So my explanation will be similar to be the process of explaining “what dinosaur is ?” to a child. You are about to get the most clear picture of difference between website and a blog.

What a website is?

Website can be any webpage you are watching on the internet. The contents of the pages can vary from news, entertainment, online education, real facts and many more. In fact every page on internet is a part of website. Let me explain with a smart example.

All iphone are smartphone but all smartphones are not iphone. (They can be Samsung, Redmi, Nokia, etc.)


All blogs are website but all websites are not a blog.


What a blog is?

A blog is a page or a part of a website, which keeps on updating time to time with new content. Then your next question will be “news websites also keeps on updating from time to time. Are those news websites comes under the category of blogs?”

The answer is NO. They just tell you the news that is happening outside in the world. but they don’t interact with you to start any conversation. Moreover, news is published in multiple categories, and is not focused in maintaining any one industry. Here comes the difference.

A blog is a place where you can interact with different people from around the globe on some common interest topics.

The page you are reading currently is an example of blog websites.


What is motive of making a website?

A website is made to reach out to the people to deliver news, entertainment, socializing, promoting business, providing service, etc. Since you are in 21st century so you almost know example website of each category. But for extremely newbies let me give a brief example..

  • providing service – Internet Banking
  • promoting business – A company website
  • socializing – Facebook (of course everyone’s favorite)
  • entertainment – youtube , etc


What is the motive of making a blog? or how to create a blog for free and make money?

Starting a blog means to expose your life experiences with the world and expressing your thoughts to people. Sometimes if a person has extreme knowledge in any field and he wants to share it with people then he writes those things on blog. The people who are interested they will read his/her content and will get free knowledge.

And last but not least. If users like the contents of blog then traffic will increase to that blog which in turn will result in online income too.


Why you shouldn’t go with free blogging?

Yes you can create a blog for free. But starting a blog on free blogging platform has a lot of limitations.

1. No Security:

Your blog will get hosted on other websites (like,, etc) which have their own terms and conditions. While posting or making your pages unintentionally you violate any of them then your blog will get closed instantly.

2.No space:

Mostly the space allocated to you will be 3GB. This is very less space for a blog. Blogs contents are always going to increasing and updating. Articles in blogs contains images too which make this space really less.

3.No trusted brand name:

You will get a blog name like which is too awkward in long run. No one bothers about remembering long names sites and hence will get less trust among users or visitors of your blog.

4.No customization:

You can’t install plugins and themes for extra functionality in your blog. It will make your blog more less functional and bad looking.


If you become successful in blogging and further want to migrate your free blog to your own new domain name than the process is tricky as well as time consuming.


How to make a blog?

There are different free and paid ways to make a blog. I already suggested you to go with paid versions because there is lot of limitations while going with free blogs. And the easiest platform to choose (irrespective of you have technical or non-technical background) to start a blog is WordPress. Below are the links to get you started with all you need.

  1. How to create a blog in WordPress
  2. How to register domain name
  3. How to install plugins in WordPress
  4. Best free must have plugins to install


I hope you got a clear picture. Start your own blog and become your own CEO. Also do share your experience below. That’s all. Keep blogging…