8 best free plugins for WordPress

Just making your site is not your only responsibility but to make it simple for users should be your main aim. This article will suggest you some best free plugins WordPress website must have in 2017, you must have to optimize your WordPress website or a blog.


List of Best Free plugins WordPress website must have

1. Akismet Anti-Spam

As soon as your site goes live, you may start receiving some spam comments. This may cause some security issue to your site. To avoid this, Akismet Anti-Spam comes to rescue.

akismet anti-spam plugins WordPress website

It will save your blog from spam comments. It provides status history for each comment to help you keep an eye on spam comments.


2. Broken Link Checker

To make your site easy for web crawlers to crawl, you need to make your each link in the site working. If you have a big site then you might result in creating some broken links. The links which is no longer available in your site is called Broken Links.

broken link checker plugins WordPress website

Note: If you have more Broken Links, then search engine bots don’t consider your site as a healthy site and may result in decreased indexing and decreased traffic.

To scan for broken links, Broken Link Checker plugin comes to the rescue. By this, you can

  • scan a link or
  • redirect any broken link or
  • can remove the unused links.


3. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

To make your site load faster, your site’s images should be of small size (without losing quality) which in turn would take less time to load.  To compress the images used in your site you can install, ShortPixel Image Optimizer.

Shortpixel Image Optimizer plugins WordPress website

This plugin will compress your images and save you disk space which improves overall page loading time for your site.

For free versions you can compress upto 100 images each month, and for pro users there is no limit.


4. WordPress Related Posts

To make your site more user friendly, you must show some related post in each page so that user can navigate easily to other good articles of your site instead of searching them manually.

WorPress Related Posts plugins WordPress website

In this scenario, WordPress Related Posts plugin comes to rescue.


5. WP Super Cache

By default, whenever someone hits url of you site, the pages loads directly from database. This decreases the loading time for page as well as increases your Database hits which is not considered a good seo practice.

To avoid this scenario, we can set up a cache which will store our pages temporarily for some amount of time. When a user hits our URL, a page will be shown from cache instead of directly going to database. This will decrease load time for your site increasing site performance.

For this simplicity, WP Super Cache is the best choice.


6. Limit Login Attempts

If someone tries to access your WordPress login unauthorized then this plugin will limit the login attempts made based on IP address.

Limit Login Attempts plugin provides high security and makes your WordPress site nearly impossible to be hacked.


7. WordPress Database Backup

After you have these many plugins, your site is not vulnerable to any attacks or hacks. But to make your application more secure, you also be ready for any such issues in future.

WordPress Database Backup plugins WordPress website

If any hack occurs, then you should be in a position to recover your site. For this you must have your site backup always with you.

WordPress Database Backup plugin will help you keep your latest database backup (settings can be modified) with you, so that in case of any serious issues, you can again start your site without losing any data.


8. BackUpWordPress

It is a must have wordpress backup plugin. BackUpWordPress plugin will take backup of whole WordPress site as well as DB. So might be helpful if you face any attacks to your site. You can add schedules to get backup daily to your mail too.


These were the plugins WordPress website must have. Install all of them and enhance your site capability many folds in terms of security and site performance. You are always welcome in our comment section below. Do share your experience if I missed any important point above.

Apoorv Sukumar

A blogger and a Software Developer, exploring trending technologies in market. A philomath, web explorer, who learns many things and want to deliver them to the world. Founder of wantextra.com

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