What is Backlink? Importance and how to build Quality Backlinks

For the newbies this term is somewhat hard to understand and when I was new to this term, then I searched it many times but was unable to get clear-cut picture about backlink. So this article first explains the meaning the backlinks and its importance in seo strategy in just two lines.


What is backlink in SEO?

A page or a post of your site will have a link. Place that link in other websites (it may be social site, or forum, etc). The link of your site placed anywhere in this condition is called backlink.


What is backlink in SEO with example?

For example, you have a blog. You commented on my blog. While commenting, you entered the comment, your email id and your blog URL. Now that comment got published on my blog. So my blog contains your link. If someone clicks on your name on my blog, they will be redirected to your blog. Right?

The link which you placed on my blog via this way is called backlink.


Why backlink is important?

If someone clicks that link, they will be redirected to your site, resulting in increasing traffic for you. Hence backlinks SEO is having more importance.


Importance and advantages

Search engine mostly uses the number of backlinks a website has, as one of the crucial factors to determine the site ranking in search results.

  • If backlinks are more means -> the site is popular, highly important.
  • If backlinks are less means -> the site is not popular one, so is not indexed in search results.
  • Backlinks also helps Web Crawlers to crawl your site effectively.

But it is not simple as it sounds. Having backlinks to your site is good but it may result in lower indexing of your site as well.

Search engine considers backlinks as well as it’s value at same time.

For example, if you backlink is present in a site or comment which is not relevant to the contents present on your site’s link, then that backlink is of no value and will not be considered by search engines.


How to build quality backlinks?

To build quality backlinks for your site, you need to follow some regular tasks.

  • Write good articles -> If you write articles rich in quality, that will attract visitors and automatically your link might get shared by your visitors.
  • Comment on forums -> Do good comments on blogs and forums, which will give you referral backlinks. Don’t comment just your site name as it will be considered as spam.
  • Submit your site to Web Directories -> Submit your site information to web directories. They automatically increases your site backlinks. You can opt for paid as well as free services. Free services are not always faithful and is not guaranteed that they will provide backlinks for you.
  • Submit Guest Post to other blogs -> Write good articles and post as guest in other top blogs. If your article is good then automatically people will visit your site resulting in more backlinks.


This was a brief article regarding backlinks. Please share if you find this article helpful.

What is Backlink? Importance and how to build Quality Backlinks
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What is Backlink? Importance and how to build Quality Backlinks
A link of your pages or posts of your site place anywhere on Internet is called backlink. See more details with example here...
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