Applying for job with fake experience certificate

How to apply for a job with fake experience certificate? Is this correct way? How this happens? What happens if something goes wrong? What to tell in interviews? How to put fake experience in resume?

This article contains many question and answers in comment section below. Please read those for further clarifications if you have any. Otherwise feel free to comment after reading this article. 🙂

Many more things here.

This article is going to be somewhat long because it is about challenging your career. So kindly prepare yourself to read some long stuff.

This stuff doesn’t encourage any individual to do any illegal activities or to apply in any job position with fake experience. It is about your personal interest. As this is a blog, I am just providing some information about what is going on in market and how people are getting jobs with fake experience.

One of the most underrated topic for an unemployed youth is that whether he/she should try for jobs with fake experience certificates or not.

So conclusion is that many people loose some time and realize that there is no option left and without applying fake experience they will not get a job.

Somehow I have also experienced the same situation and had done full R&D on this. I want to save your time so that you don’t face any difficulty while applying for job with fake experience (even with Form 16). My friends are doing job on fake experience. Honestly to speak, I am doing job without any fake papers but my article describes experience of all my close friends who applied with fake experience certificates.

How to start the process of getting fake experience

Fake experience means that there will be some fake documents that will claim that you are coming from a professional background and already you are working in a company.

There are some consultancies in market which will tell you that they will give you fake experience certificates after charging certain amounts from you.

How are they giving? Are they totally fake?

To know this, let’s dig little bit more.


The consultancies are having tie-ups with small companies (mostly startups).

These consultancies will ask those companies to update their database with your given information that will show that you we’re really working for that company. After updating your record they will give you experience letters, relieving letter, and many more documents.

Market terminology-

The company where you are/were already working is called Parent Company.

The company which is giving you new job offer is called New Company.

I will use this words only further.

Now suppose you got job with that fake experience, then many companies are doing background verification of your career that means (company validates on its ends whether they are hiring a trusted resource or not). During verification process your new company will take those documents to your said parent company for which you have given experience letter. Since consultancy has paid your parent company in starting only so they will say that yes the person for whom you have came for verification was/is already working with us.

In this process Consultancy is earning from you as well as one start-up company is also earning from consultancy. All of you are linked with money.


Since all of you three levels are connected with money, that amount will be not valid for many years. For example, every year prices of any product is not same. It keeps increasing/varying according to market requirement.

So in starting when you are paying to consultancies for fake experience, they will tell you that they will support background verification till 4 years (for example). Suppose you completed those 4 years and suddenly your current company does one background verification, so what happens next? Since 4 years (for example as said above) has completed, your parent company would have deleted your record from their database. And your current verification will fail and you will most probably come into the company fraud scanner.

If you ask for the same to your old consultancy, then they will demand money again to renew your fake certificates with that previous company. Parent company will again update your record as said by consultancy.

I know more things here in this field from my experience as well as from friends and some more working at HR positions in company. So here I have written this article just for normal overview about fake experience. If you have any queries please comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. If more people want to know some redundant questions then I will update this article.

Till that, feel free to comment,


Applying for job with fake experience certificate
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Applying for job with fake experience certificate
How to apply for a job with fake experience certificate? Is this correct way? How this happens? What happens if something goes wrong? What to tell in interviews? How to put fake experience in resume? How I will get Form 16?
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Apoorv Sukumar

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72 Responses

  1. keerthana says:

    hi how can i contact you personaly req my exp and all plz share ur official mail id apoorv

  2. shoaib shaikh says:

    I have worked in one company for one year bt they didn’t give me experience letter so can i make fake experience letter of one year of that company?? Will that give any problem?

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Don’t apply like this. This will be a big problem. I have already mentioned the correct way in this article. Please go through it.

  3. sikindar says:

    Hello Mr. Sukumar!
    This blog is very helpful for people who does not have any other options and who are hunting suggestions in career.
    I appreciate it.
    Coming to the point.
    I had 3 years of gap in completing my B.Tech. And i got very less percentage around 59%.
    But, before my academic university exams i got placed in a ITes company where i worked for 1 year. Later I went into softskills for 3 years. Again now i want to enter IT industry, and i learnt a trending course in the market.
    Here are my questions.
    1. Now i want to enter in an IT industry, can i keep my 1yr of ITes+3yrs of Non-IT exp?
    2. Or should I keep 1yr of ITes + 3 yrs of fake (replacing non-IT to IT)?
    3. If I can enter with fake exp, Is my percentage considered?
    Please respond ASAP.

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:


      It totally depends. As you can tell any excuse as why you did non-IT job, and what was the reason. If your reason is good enough, there will not be any problem by applying with your genuine experience. You should try once with few interviews and you will come to know whether your reasons is good enough to fetch you an IT job.

      According to me, even if the company accepts you with your non-IT exp, they will consider you as a fresher as you are not working in IT domain from your previous job.

  4. Vignesh says:

    Hi guys

    I completed my degree in 2014 but i had lot of arrears which took me to get degree in 2018. Now, i have done a course in data science but everywhere i go for interview they are asking about my gaps in education. I tell them the truth, but now the fresher openings are only for students of 2017,2918,2019. So, i’m unable to attend interview.

    What are my options?
    Should i go with fake experience of 1+ year or keep trying because day by day the situation is getting difficult for me and if not what else can i do. Please suggest something.


  5. siva Kumar pillimetla says:

    hi this is siva,
    I have completed my graduation in 2015 and after that i have joined in one company (payroll company) and client is TCS in March 2017 till Dec 2018 having 22 months of experience now presently not working I have learned latest technology and applying for jobs, they are asking me two question
    1. why gap from 2015 July to 2017 Feb
    2. And what are doing previous 3 mnths i.e 2019 jan to present
    the above is my scenario now please resolve my below queries
    1. whether to apply job on my genuine exp ie 22 mnth or to put fake exp of 3+ yrs(I am having good knowledge of new domain)
    2. as i am having PF and UAN of the genuine company (not having form 16 now) so to avoid Q1 what should i do
    3. and to avoid Q2 what should i do
    whether to put total exp as fake or to just add 1.5 yrs before my joining i.e 2017 mar
    and how to manage UAN and PF whether i should tell i am having PF and UAN for the new company or to not mention them
    or should i close the PF account

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      In my opinion you should apply with original documents. Any question regarding the gaps should be given a valid reason. I can’t provide you a exact reason what should you speak while interview. Since you already have an experience, I don’t believe that ask your gap between the education and your first job. Even they ask, make some type of excuse. And on 3 months gap after leaving company, you should give a valid reason and should justify your answer.
      Answer for 1- asking question on this is bullshit. tell them your were preparing for job, etc.
      Answer for 2- Here I can’t suggest you anything. You have get the excuse. I also don’t know why you left.
      Answer for 3- you should go with real experience with actual PF and other details. Closing PF account will not be a good idea.

  6. pramila says:

    hi….i need experience certificatee for 5 yreas… i got govt job…….plz help me

  7. Ananya says:

    Dear Apoorv,

    In total, I carry 4 years of experience (3 years in a kpo & 1 year in Digital Marketing). I had clubed all my experiences in Digital Marketing field with a fake documents from an agency & had got through a level 2 company in Digital Marketing domain. Luck wasn’t my side I guess, I was caught post 6 months (I guess for not producing form 16) & I was called the next day to pen down my resignation letter & post which I was shown the gate pass. I possess more knowledge in my domain (DM) than what my resume claims. At times, my mind encourages me to take chances again & at other times, I’m reminded of my bad past which makes me stick to honesty. So, should I again take chances or be honest.
    Note: I work in a Digital Marketing field.

  8. Nilu Singh says:

    Could you please name some consultancies that provide such fake experience things? Also will the fake work experience of NGO is valid? Like i can say that i was working as sales & marketing executive for XYZ NGO. Please help me out with this.

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi Nilu!
      I can’t name them. As it is not legal to point them for something fake. You will have to search on your own near to your area.

  9. DM says:

    How to manage 2 years gap in profile without putting fake

  10. S.ghosh says:

    Apoorv sukumar sir,can u give your mail id.I need your help.My mail id is- [email protected] write “hi” in this mail id.I will revert.

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Please post your query here. It will be helpful for people who might face same difficulties in life as you. And it would help someone. If required, then I will definitely reply you via mail. 🙂

  11. Navtej says:

    A consultancy which is assuring to give job to me in a big company with fake 1 year experience letter and they give job in a BPO sector. so is it alright to do job ..i mean is there any future problem will come to me., or is it ok for call centre..Do people get jobs with that and will not getting fired?

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi Navtej!

      As u know, fake exp is already a risk to your career. Applying for a BPO job with fake experience doesn’t sounds much interesting. You can get BPO job without much problems in even good MNCs. In short, you should apply with fake exp, only when there is no other choice left in your life. And since it is a BPO job, you can get it easily (as a fresher) when compared to other jobs like software engineer/developer, tester, etc.

      About future problem, it is not guaranteed and it is always a risk. It totally depends upon your luck.. 🙂

  12. Chetan says:

    Can I shift from startup to MNC with 14 months experience? What is the hike I can expect?

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi chetan!
      If you joined as a fresher in startup then u will not get much hike. U can ask for market standards.
      Also, it depends upon your new company whether they recruit people with 14 months experience or not.

      • Chetan says:

        I’m being paid 2.4 lpa now. I wanna move to giants like TCS, HCl,etc… but I’m not getting much calls from mnc’s. I have 2 questions. One is would 1.5 year enough experience? And other is can I ask 3.5 lpa

        • Apoorv Sukumar says:

          1. You can ask whatever you like but companies will decide your new salary based on your skills and knowledge and will tell you how much they are going to offer.
          2. TCS, HCL and similar companies don’t heir any fresh graduates unless they have 2 years of experience. So for entering these companies, at least 2 years experience is mandatory as of now.

          • Chetan says:

            Is it mandatory that I should work for 2 years in one company or is it ok to have worked in 2 companies?

          • Apoorv Sukumar says:

            As a fresher, it is good to get 2 years experience in 1 company in your starting career. Changing companies frequently will show that you are not loyal to companies in long terms.

  13. Abhi says:

    Hi Sir,
    Thnx for the wonderfull article. I have 4 years of experience in domain and I have to move to IT and I have learnt oracle course and now am using the UAN# with current organization and now if I move with fake experience can I use the same UAN#.

  14. Mahi says:

    Dear Apoorv, your article is really very helpful, not just for me but for so many needful, off course. Thank you so much to share your experience with us. I am sharing my current situation, please suggest on this:
    I have 1.7 years of experience in Database, having strong knowledge as well. Recently, because of some incident, company terminated me and refuse to give experience letter. Now, I don’t have any option except fake exp. The biggest problem with fake exp. is Pay-slips of private banks provides by consultancies (new company can easily get details of private back account holders). What should I do for more safer side?

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi Mahi!
      I am glad to know the information provided here is useful to you.
      Since now onward you will have to go with fake, fake your pay slips and show bank statements from govt banks like SBI. If any other queries, please feel free to ask here.

  15. Priya says:

    Getting a experience letter is the only option I have at this stage and yes it is my last option. Just tell me where can I get one?

  16. Sam says:

    Thanx for helping people

    Sir if i enter in mnc with 1 year fake experince and i have knowledge on live project ,and after 2 year working in new mnc then i will switch that company and show 3 year experince to another new company then there is chance of any risk if this new company check baground ,they caught me that i used 1 year fake experince ,if 1st parent company remove me from there database

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi Sam!
      While switching to new company with (2 years orig + 1 year fake) certificate, contact your consultancy from where you took the fake docs previously. Ask them if they provide bg verification for that old company now or not and will provide for next 4-5 years more or not. If yes, its OK, otherwise you need to change the fake docs with different company now. Consultancies will again take money from you and you will get fake exp from new company with whatever dates and years you want. Now while applying to new company, you can include 2yr orig+1yr fake(but new) exp certificates.
      Hope you understood.

      • sam says:

        sir what about salary slip ,and bank statement,is both are compulsory ????
        because where i will get this certificate from ( software company not consultancy ),they agreed that they will give me salary slip,but not bank statement ….and they told me that i will say to new company that my ex company gave me salary in cash..
        is this right to take certificate from that company ,or they are making me fool..

        thanks in advance.

        • Apoorv Sukumar says:

          it is ok but not 100% good solution. You can tell that you got salary in govt bank (for example SBI). When they do bg verification, they will go to SBI to check your statements. Since SBI is govt bank, they will not allow to leak your details to other person except you in any case. If you tell that your account was in any private bank, then they will easily verify your details as private banks are not much secure . They can share your info with these companies on exchange of money.
          Tell that you got salary in SBI. You can edit the original scanned image of your bank statement and submit to your new company while getting job.

          • sam says:

            but sir me kese show kruga ki ye jo statement me dikha rha hu vo company ne mere account me deposite kiya h every month ,bcecause statement me ye cleary show hota hai ki kisne deposite kiya h,i already have sbi account .

            sir please thoda clearly bata de because your advice will be very helpfull for me in long run.

          • Apoorv Sukumar says:

            statement scan karke pdf format me depositer name ko edit karke wapas printout nikal sakte h. Ya agar statement ko screen pe dikhana h to online edit kar sakte h. sab kuch sach ka hi dikhana hota to isko fake experience nahi bolte. right?

  17. Abhinav says:

    hi, if will make duplicate fake certificate by myself of Accenture 1 year experience and salary below 2.8 lpa , obviously i don’t have PF number , so i will mention also fake PF number, and if i will go for interview if they caught me then will they inform police or simply just fire me.

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Fake experience doesn’t means generating a experience letter by taking out printout on your own. You need to take these docs from consultancies. Even fake experience docs are as not much fake as it sounds. These certificates provided by consultancies will be supported in various background verification.
      And your focus is only for interview or doing job also? If you want to go just for interview, you can go without these certificates also. They need these docs at the time of joining.
      When verification will be done and you got caught, then 80% chance is that you will get fired.

  18. Manas says:

    So, what would be your suggestion ?
    If I don’t mention the company I worked with, in my resume, and replace it with a new company, would this be safe. Also, I’ve got some knowledge in my domain too…

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Replacing is called applying fake experience. And you can understand that applying fake experience is a risk for anyone and is going to be with you for your entire career. My suggestion and everyone’s suggestion would be “never apply fake experience” until you don’t have any scope.
      Fake experience should be your last choice.

  19. Manas says:

    Thanks.I did job in start-up for 4 months and got fired. While joining I submitted my 10,12, b.Tech marks and Adhar card Xerox copies.

    Now I want to put fake experience and want to get a job. Is it possible or will I get caught? Please reply

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Being caught depends upon your luck. As much as luck is with you, nothing will happen. And no one can predict anyone’s luck.

  20. Manas says:

    Thanks for replying. I’ve worked in a startup company for 4 months and they fired me. I got knowledge and everything on my domain.

    Now is it possible to keep a fake certificate and get a job?

    Will I get caught that I’ve worked in 2 companies at the same time?

  21. Manas says:

    What if I am caught with fake certificate in a good software company of 1000-5000 employees? Will I be black-listed throughout Indian software companies?

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      No. Nothing will happen. They will ask you to take less salary now onward, otherwise to leave. These blacklisting terms are just given to create panic.

  22. xxx says:

    What about the PF UAN thing? I am currently working with a company and my UAN is linked with Aadhar. When I join a new company with fake documents, if I dont provide UAN, they will try to create a new PF account and then link my aadhar with it. Then system will throw an error saying that this guy is already having a pf ac. Can we do anything to manage this?

    • khaleel says:

      Hi frineds i also need to make get clear idea about PF and UAN contovresy to get a IT job by fake exprince doc.
      plz help me out in this mater and advise and suggest me some good persion who will help me
      i do not have any othear altenative to put fke doc to get in IT
      Mob 8790718918

  23. Sundhar says:

    Thank you for writing this article. It is very helpful. I did my masters in Automotive engineering and passed out in 2016. Am interested in working with Automotive NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) which is R&D dept. I did my major thesis in this area. Because I didn’t get any relevant job in my area of interest I decided to join job oriented training program. I spent 6 months in that institute but when I apply job they didn’t consider this as my working experience. So I would like to try jobs with fake experience.
    1. Please suggest is that fine to apply jobs with fake experience.
    2. Tell me what are all the documents should I ask from the consultancy which is going to provide me fake certificate.
    Am very much interested and acquired good knowledge in my area of interest. Since recruiters of R&D dept expecting working experience I couldn’t apply any jobs with my training certificate.
    Please clarify my doubts ASAP.
    If possible please recommend me list of cosultancies providing fake experience for 1 year in NVH dept.

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi Sundhar!
      Ans1. Fake experience should be your last priority. If no option remains then go for it.
      Ans2. There are different types of consultancies in each state. You can search them on Quikr, or Olx and you can directly contact them. They will give more clarification regarding this.

  24. Dj says:

    The blog is very helpful but I have few queries:
    1. What are the things to keep in mind before getting a fake experience certificate ie to determine whether the company will really provide bgv or not and if the experience certificate is really genuine and not just a piece of paper.
    2. What all documents should be demanded to have a fake experience.


  25. Harshal says:

    Hello sir your blog is very helpful , currently i am working in a small IT company from last 1.5 year, this is my second job.
    before that i have worked in another very small IT company for with 2-3 employees for more than one year.
    i have completed my engineering degree in 2012 with first class and without any backlogs ever.
    because of some health issues i unable to try for job for 2 years.
    my first company is not registered with MCA or any gov body as it is single proprietorship startup company and i dont have any bank statement of salary as i didn’t get salary in bank account. i have Joining letter, experience letter and fake salary slips . i joined 2nd company & as it is also a small company they haven’t conduct any Background verification.
    now i want to switch to an MNC but i fear if they conduct any Background verification i will get fired as the first company is not registered.
    waiting for your reply.
    should i go for fake experience with genuine documents. i can defend my experience claim because i have really worked during that period on projects?

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi Harshal!
      You can show your original exp to the new company. As you already have an experience on projects, there is nothing to bother about. New company may ask you about your 1st company as it is not registered by MCA. So you tell the truth. It all depends on your convincing power.
      Already you have worked on projects so they can judge in interview that whether you are saying truth or not.
      And in your case, don’t go for fake experience.

      • Harshal says:

        thanks for your quick response,
        but in future if i applied for an MNC like TCS or IBM who are very strong in background checks then will they consider my experience as i don’t have necessary documents?
        the first company in which i worked is going through a bad financial condition & can be closed at any time, so will it affect my background check as no one is there to respond?

        • Apoorv Sukumar says:

          1. Try to get contact number and email id of your Supervisor or any person related to that company (personal or official), so that you can mention the same in applications forms of the companies while applying or even you can update the new HR people about this.
          2. If you have Form 16, or Salary slips, or PF no, attach all of those with it while applying to the new company.
          3. If in this time, your old company has got bankrupt or got shut down, then they will verify by nearest Post Offices and Big Courier Agencies that whether the communication happened to your mentioned address or name in past or not.
          4. During working in old company, if you ever contacted them with your mail and have any evidence about communication with them then keep them always with you for future reference.
          Hope this helps.

  26. Harjeet Kaur says:

    I am working in Internet Digital Marketing Field & I have 7 Months written Experience letter. I am 2016 B.Tech CSE passout. I want to apply any MNC or Startup IT in Testing Domain with Fake Relevant Experience. Some person suggested me that you should convert that experience letter in 1 Year with Testing Analyst Position using some PDF converters online. But I am scaring a lot about Company backgrounds process because my previous company is not working in Software development or Testing. Kindly Suggest me what should I do or How I can proceed further?? I have financial Problem also to prepare Fake Experience letter from Consultancy.

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi Harjeet!
      1. Whether you edit documents to 1 year or
      2. Testing profile with 7 months,
      you will do on your own risks. Since you are not willing to take fake exp from consultancies, if bg check happens, then you can land into trouble due to editing (in any of the two cases). This is about your career, and I will suggest you not to follow any of these procedures.

      1. I suggest you, not to change your field. Since you are in Digital marketing, you have lot of future scopes. Testing is very old and is headache in front of DM jobs. Believe me because I am a working developer and my company has testers too. I know their situation.
      2. Don’t try to switch in 7 months. Since you have already original exp of 7 months, extending it to more 5 months (making 12 months) will give you lots of advantages while switching job. If you go with this 7 months experience, new companies will treat you as fresher only. If you are OK with this, then my suggestion is to have an exp of 2 years. After 2 years, you market value will be high and you can demand more salary. Think for future.
      Hope this helps.

  27. Rushikesh says:

    Hello sir,

    this article is really useful for me, Currently m working in KPO as a process data analyst but now i wanted to apply for IT jobs in good company (mnc is not necessary) as a ETL tester, as a part of pre preparation i already done one real time course in it & now m ready to apply. I have total two years of experience in my domain i. e KPO but as m applying in IT sector so again i have to arrange fake experience.
    I have following questions:
    1)can i get fake form no 16 as most of the companies require it if your salary is more than 3lacks and i can’t show my salary less than that as currently my pkg is 4.2lack.
    2)can i get your email ID so that i can talk regarding this in more detail.

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi Rushikesh!
      Glad to know that this article is helpful to you.

      Ans 1. Yes! You can get Form 16 if you ask consultancies. But reality is that they don’t have any contact with IT department. They will edit someone’s else documents for you. For this they will charge extra bucks to make you feel that they are doing real things. But believe me, it’s all about paintbrush.
      So, if you opt for any big company (like TCS), they have very strong bg check. So they will surely catch you for your fake Form 16 and hence fake experience. If you go for small companies, they don’t do that much of milk and water. Try not to attach your Form 16 at first time if asked. When company starts asking for 2nd time, then attach it. Fake experience is always a risk. Here you need to take risk.

      Ans 2. Yes. Please take time to send your query through chat widget in right bottom of your screen. From there you can send me messages.

  28. Spoorthi says:

    Hi sir, This is really helpful for us…Thankyou
    I am 2014 passed out and worked In HP (client place)n have 1.6 years of experience..but I worked as Technical support I want to switch to software n work as Testing engineer…m not understanding wl I get opportunity or should I fake n if I fake how safe it wl be…I always have fear what if m cough if I do fake…please suggest me

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi Spoorthi!
      You are having an experience near to 2 years. So if you go with a fake experience, interview will be based on your domain what you are showing. If you show testing, then they will ask testing questions. So first you need to learn some testing interview questions. Ask you friend’s help and they will help you in questions what you may face probably.
      To go with fake experience, you need some confidence. And to build confidence, you need to know some technical things from the domain for which you are applying job. If you know it, you will crack it.
      Hope this helps.

  29. Abhinav says:

    hi, how i would mange my Pf account,bcoz once i got experience then i have must Pf no. and some balance in that aaccount,does company check details,please clarify about Pf and Un number.

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi Abhinav!
      In fake experience, you will show that you have worked for a small company which didn’t provided PF facility for you. (Since it is small company)
      Once you got experience, it’s not necessary that you will have PF account. (It happens in small companies). If you say this, then there is no offense.

  30. pranjal says:

    If tcs, infosys or wipro will find me fake at the place where they come to that my parent company is didn’t paid any tax in behalf of me or any employee then what if they caught whether they just fire up or blacklist employee name so that after he cannot apply for any other company in future … please let me know

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      First of all, I have already mentioned in some comment reply that don’t apply in TCS with fake exp, as it’s bg verification is very strong. And when you will take a fake experience from any consultancies, then they will let you know that for which company they will not provide bg verification support.
      Mostly, your new company will never go to your parent company directly. They have some connections with consultancies also. All are linked with money.
      And for taxes, consultancies will provide you Income Tax Return papers which your parent company paid for you (fake).
      Consultancies don’t have any connection with government, so they are just editing your name in some one’s existing original tax documents. For this, they will charge more. If you are afraid of this, then you can show your salary less then what is required for tax returns eligibility. For example, if person having salary more then 3 lakhs need to pay taxes, then you can show that you got salary of 2.8 lakhs and so you don’t know anything about tax returns.
      Hopi this helps.

  31. A singh says:

    Hi, This Blog is really helpful for me. i have some queries.Please clearify it.
    1. I am from Computer science background. after my Graduation, i took 2 years of gap and didn’t do job in any company. after that in 3rd year i started working and got 1 year of experience. Now i want to apply for Govt job/MNC with 3 years(1 year Real exp + 2 years fake exp, because of 2 years gap after graduation) of experience.
    but i afraid that govt organization will catch me or i will safly land there.
    please suggest what should i do.

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi Singh!
      Whether you apply for any MNC or any Govt jobs, you will take your fake experience definitely from any consultancy. Just ask them if they will provide full background verification safely for your new company in which you are joining.
      Suppose, you are going to join some X company. If consultancy agrees that they will provide bg verification then its ok for you.
      If they disagree, then you will have to take risk if you join.

      For example, TCS conducts a very strong background verification for its employees. Many consultancies will tell you in starting only that they will not provide any support for TCS bg verification.
      Good Luck !

  32. pratik says:

    suppose I got one yr fake experience in IT small company but when I face The new cpany interview definatly they ask technical que about our project then that time wht exectly should I do?

    • Apoorv Sukumar says:

      Hi pratik!
      You should be prepared in advance with some technical questions. Just refer the questions regarding your domain on internet. You will find many of them. Prepare them and attend interview. If not qualified, then learn from the interview attended and go for next. Keep trying. Have a good luck.

      • smita says:

        Hello Appoorv Sukumar Sir,
        I have very good knowledge in Database Application Development because i have done good practice in last 6 years.But Now I have selected more than 5 MNC companies.Can I join in any companies?But I have no real experience. but that company is nasscom registered. is it problem me in future.

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