How to add sitemap in wordpress footer

You can submit your sitemap to webmaster tools as I have shown the process in my previous posts. Today we will add the same sitemap to our WordPress site footer.

The importance of adding sitemap footer is,

  • sometimes search engines will scan sitemaps from your website homepage for better accessibility of your site contents.
  • If your site is very big, then users can click on sitemap link in the footer, which will help them to browse the important links of your site. (because sitemap contains links)

Since we are mostly focusing on WordPress for building blogs, here I will show you the method of adding footer in your site which contains sitemap.

How to get sitemap html code

Just type your site domain name and add “/sitemap.xml” and hit Enter. The page appeared is sitemap of the site.

Example sitemap ->

How to add sitemap footer in your WordPress site

The images shown below can vary across themes, but the process will remain same.

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, click Appearance -> Menus.
  2. If your site doesn’t has any menu then create one. Click Save Menu.
  3. In the same page you will find Custom Links. Click Custom Links.
  4. On expanding Custom Links, enter the URL of your sitemap in URL box and Display text in Link Text box.
  5. Click Add to Menu. Click Save Menu.
  6. Go to Appearance and click on Widgets.
  7. Open the footer area where you will like to add the sitemap in your site.
  8. Click and drag Custom Menu widget to your desired footer area.
  9. Type name of widget (any) in Title and then choose the menu with your sitemap menu which you created.
  10. Click Save and visit your site.

Sometimes, if the above process is not showing the sitemap link in your site, then there would be some widget issue with your current theme settings. I discovered one issue in my theme once and hence I am adding that scenario also here. Hope this helps.

  1. Click Appearance -> Widgets.
  2. Click on Manage With Live Preview button on top.
  3. There it will show Dynamic Sidebars and Widgets Option. In that select any footer.
  4. Click on Add a Widget button. Select Text.
  5. Enter Title and in text field insert link of your sitemap.
  6. Click Save and Publish button.
  7. Now check your site.

Done. Your sitemap has been added to your site. Above, main scenarios has been covered. Either of them should work 100%. If not then remember that the process is same. Just you will have to do little bit of research. Otherwise comment below this post. Share your experience with the community. Your doubt may help others too.

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