How to add Google AdSense Ads in WordPress and Blogger

After getting your AdSense account approved, the next step is placing AdSense Ads in WordPress website. After setting up ads, you have to just sit and start earning. If you still don’t have an AdSense account, then read how to make an AdSense account and get it approved.

Since a large number of people are using WordPress these days, we will go through the process of adding AdSense ads in WordPress by installing plugins. In this article we will see how to make an AdSense ad and start showing on our website.

Before starting, we will have to make ads in our AdSense account. We will then get Ad code which we will place in our website to show ads.



Topics covered

  1. How to make your first ad on AdSense.
  2. How to put google ads on your website in WordPress.
  3. Testing AdSense ads configuration in website.
  4. How to show AdSense ads on Blogger.


How to make your first ad on AdSense

1. Login to your AdSense account.

navigate-to-Add-New-Ad-Units2. Navigate to My Ads -> Ad units and click “New Ad Unit“.


3. Google provides wide range of ads which will be suitable of  different types of views inside your website. You can explore it more, but as a part of this article, we will click Text and Display Ads.


Select-Responsive-Ads4. Give the name to your new Ad Settings and Click “Responsive ads“. Responsive ads sizes will vary according to the device screens and will be responsive in nature for best user experience. Now, click “Save and Get Code“.


Copy-AdSense-Ad-code5. You will see a message stating “Ad unit successfully created“. Now copy the code given by Google in notepad as of now and Close the dialog box.


Active-Ads-in-Ad-units6. Automatically you will be navigated to My Ads -> Ad units where you will see your ads setting saved. After making more ads, you can control all of them from this place.
Now your AdSense ad is ready. We have to copy the code of the Ad we created above, in our website to start showing ads.


How to put Google Ads on your website in WordPress

By this method, you can place ads in any place of your WordPress website. Below methods are divided into 2 categories

  1. Placing ads in Widget area.
  2. Placing ads in between posts and pages.


1. Login to WordPress account. []

  2. If you want to show ads on Widgets area (left or side pane) of your screen  


custom-html-widgeta. Navigate to Appearance->Widget and Drag the “Custom HTML” panel to existing Widget.


Give-name-and-paster-AdSense-codeb. Give any title for your ad like “ADVERTISEMENT” and paste the AdSense ad which you copied earlier. Click “Save” and close the Widget.
Please don’t try to modify the AdSense codes as doing so can deactivate your AdSense account. If you are a coder, then also Google will not consider your smartness and your AdSense account will be banned.


  3. If you want to put your Ads on pages and posts on your blog and website  

a. Install “Ad Inserter” plugin and activate it.

b. Now, navigate to “Settings” -> “Ad Inserter“.

Paste-AdSense-code-in-Text-Areac. Copy the code of Google AdSense and paste it here in the text area. You will see options below to place your code in pages and posts.


Select-Paragraph-and count-click-save

d. Here I select “Paragraph” and entered 1 in input field. This means this AdSense code will display ads on every post after completing 1st paragraph. As you can see my blog contains Ads after first paragraph on each posts.

e. Click “Save all settings”.


3. Now check your website by visiting manually. You will find your AdSense Ads in WordPress website started showing at your specified positions.


Remember that any illegal activities to earn money through ads is not allowed by Google. It includes

  • Saying your friends to click your ads from different IP’s.
  • Changing codes to get some more clicks.
  • Sending code links in email to get more clicks, and any such in appropriate clicks


Testing AdSense ads configuration in website

Any AdSense account can get banned if Google traces any forceful clicking on ads in your website. This includes your own views and clicks on ads while testing too.

The ads clicked during testing of your own ads can also lead your AdSense account to get banned. But to test it, you need to open your website multiple times to check whether your ads are coming successful on your site or not. Right? So we can tell Google that we are testing our website and we are not doing any ads click by following one strategy.

  1. Open Google Chrome and download Google Publisher Toolbar extension.
  2. Click on new icon appeared at right corner of your Chrome window.
  3. Enable Google AdSense and login to your AdSense account.
  4. Now whenever you visit your website from Chrome, your Impressions and clicks will not be considered by AdSense and your AdSense account will be safe.

This way, you can test your ads very easily without bothering about your own impressions to your own ads.


How to show AdSense ads on Blogger

As Blogger is a product of Google, there already exists a well crafted pack of article to help you adding AdSense in your blog. To get started, visit this article.


Lets share

We explored the best way to put AdSense ads in WordPress website and Blogger. Share this article among your friends if you think this article is helpful. Any queries are always welcome in comment section.

How to add Google AdSense Ads in WordPress and Blogger
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How to add Google AdSense Ads in WordPress and Blogger
Install "Ad Inserted" plugin in WordPress. Go to Settings -> Ad inserter Paste the AdSense code Choose the place where you want to place the ads....
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