[Latest] 7 Ways To Earn Money Through Internet Without Investment

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Surviving as a new blogger is very difficult especially when you have decided to ensure your career in blogging. When you are new, you have to struggle between keywords, SEO, backlinks, plugins, and tons of others things which you were unfamiliar till yesterday.


Also, when coming first in Blogging world, 90% of the time our main goal is to know how to make money blogging. But blogging needs time, patience, strategies, skills, and many crisp things which is hard to deliver every now and then. If not getting any result back then many bloggers abandon this field and give up. I know this situation very well as I have also experienced the same once, I have discovered some ways about how to earn money online at least to survive up to your internet bills until you start earning money from your blog.

While searching on Google, you will get a list of activities by which you can make money. Many of them will suggest illegal ways or will be scam and you will end up loosing up your time as well money. Since you are on our page right now, we won’t let this happen with you. We are going to share some proven ways, which will require some basic skills but will help you earn money for sure.


How to make money online for free


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1. Writing Articles

Established bloggers are always searching for good writers who can deliver good and unique content for their blog. If you don’t know anything, no need to worry.

For an instance, if you got a task to write an article on solar system, then study about it, read some good articles, search some info-graphics, and now you can write a content on this topic very well. You can also impress and make good relation with your buyers by writing good articles who may help you grow your online business in future.

If you want to start, make a free account on Fiverr, and update your profile. You can see that already there are many people on Fiverr who earn money by same process. Now you can publish your ad and contact some people who wants to get good articles. Fiverr is the proven way to make money and I know some people who are already earning this way.


2. Blog Commenting And Writing review

Many established or high traffic blog owners are unaware of other blogs which allow auto approval of comments. They will ask some people to place their blog links in comments to get good backlinks for their blogs.

You can do research on internet and prepare list of the blogs having auto approval comments. Now what you have to do is charge bloggers to place their links on other blogs which will increase their backlinks. Or you can make a list of blogs, which allow dofollow, nofollow comments, or which have CommentLuv plugins enabled. You can sell this list separately for separate price tags.

If you don’t get any buyers on Fiverr, you can always ask people in established forums. You will definitely get few bloggers who want backlinks for their blogs.

Both of the above methods will

  • boost your knowledge (which is necessary for your blogging career)
  • make money for you (to keep you self motivated)
  • make new connections with bloggers who can help you in future for growth of your personal blog (Blogging Network)


3. Guest Posting

If you have just an intermediate skills in writing, then you can write articles and instead of selling them directly, you can do guest posting for any blogger on other blogs, on behalf of them. Here you can ask money for both,

  • writing a decent article, and
  • doing guest posting.

This is a great way to make money but you will have to find bloggers who are willing to give the job of guest posting to other skilled person. To find them, join Webmaster forums.


4. Become a seller

If you know any fellow blogger or company, who wants to quit blogging or website in spite of having good traffic, then you can negotiate with them and buy their domain names. Now you can contact other bloggers in forums and discussion boards to sell that domain name.

The best way to get in touch with Domain buyers is on Reddit and Forums.

If the domain name has decent backlinks and  good Domain and Page Authority, then you might end up selling the domain name in decent amount for sure.


5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and cheapest way to start earning money without having a blog. You can promote your links on social media platforms, and end up by earning decent amount of money.

If you have a blog, it will be added advantage as you can promote affiliate marketing directly.


6. Writing eBooks

Instead of publishing a good content as a free article on your blog, you can make one eBook and start selling it at nominal price in starting on some trending topics, which you believe has an ability to attract users attention.

If you are newbie, you can sell it for free on Amazon and other online shopping websites. Once you get some good genuine reviews, you can start charging a nominal downloading fee from your next eBook.


7. Services

If you have an interest or knowledge in making good custom images, banners or videos, then you can make these for other bloggers. Make some bloggers connection, then you can ask them if they need any help with customized images, infographics or videos. You can ask them to have it free of cost.

If they like it, they will contact you and next time you can ask a fee for providing your service and talent to them. There is no need to be a professional Photoshop editor. There are tons of online free sites which provides easy ways to make your images and videos for free.

For an instance, you can use

  • Canva (my infographics and each customized images are made from there)
  • Moovly (to make a decent video)
  • Filmora (software to make your custom video), etc.


If you have Photoshop knowledge, then you can use it at its best to create some mind blowing images and Infographics.

To reach out, you can advertise yourself on Facebook. Join some groups of active bloggers and post your ad in them. You will get few clients for sure.


Lets share this article to help your friends earn money

These are the most creative ways to make money. I hope you have boosted your confidence ensuring you not to give up.

The ways listed above are not much hard if you decide to follow them. It is going to help you, while establishing your own blog. These ways are not a scam in any way and definitely you are going to earn money online. Earning by these ways will not make you very rich, but will keep you motivated in following your passion and working towards it.

[Latest] 7 Ways To Earn Money Through Internet Without Investment
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[Latest] 7 Ways To Earn Money Through Internet Without Investment
There are multiple ways other then scams found on Internet, which can help you earn decent money without investment depending upon how much time you give to it. Some of them are- 1. Affiliate Marketing 2. Writing Articles 3. Writing comments and Reviews ...
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